Never going to sync iPhoto to flickr!!!

I am sooooo pissed!!! Cleared up the photos in my hdd to make space for more photos so I removed all albums from iPhoto. Not knowing that the flickr albums when deleted from iPhoto also means deleting from flickr, I removed it. And now I have NO way to get it back!

I’ve got too many of these showing on my blog now!! THIS IS DEPRESSING!!!

I do have all the original photos still in my backups but the pain is not the uploading part! Imagine going through all my blog posts to embed all the photos again!! I won’t even know which photos were used lah! This is the GREATEST FAIL in my digital life! I HATE YOU iPHOTO!!!!

I’m never going to sync iPhoto to flickr ever again! No matter how great your integration is going to be.

Singapore So Ugly!

Caught these today and it really is upsetting. Is this commonly spotted at the Esplanade underpass? I know there will usually be group of people hanging around.

I don’t recall seeing any dustbin around, not sure why. If there were bins around, I wonder if this will still happen.

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