Claud talks Gadgets Vol.1


Hello! And welcome to my first issue of Claud talks Gadgets! The purpose of the start of this series is to help me consolidate my thoughts and posts on the gadgets (latest or not) I’ve come across from day to day. It can be something I spotted while window shopping, introduced by a friend or gadgets which I find interest and power-packed to share.

For this issue, I’ll be touching on a few new cameras! Yeah! My all-time favorite gadgets!

The Days – I can relate to Those Days!


Are you familiar with the YELLOW ve-sa-se jeans, red padded so-nia-ri-kel sling bag, fa-ra-ga-mo hairclip and big big bucket belt that was wore on the upper waist line!! Bia Zui lah! The “sah ba lak, qit ba di” walk lah! And and and… Tea Dance at Fire!! OMG!! Those were The Days lah!!

The Days shows a true uniquely Singapore style of gangsterism during the 1980s. I’m giving it a 4.8 out of 5 stars!