My Round Face in Straits Times Prime News

If you’d managed to read Straits Times today, you would have seen my big round face plastered on page A6. And ya, I’ve put on weight! LOL!

Gen Y gets down to work is written by Sandra Davis. She was also the one who did the previous Gen Y story where I laid down on the grass with my gadgets. Its very nice of her to remember me and got in touch for this latest piece.

She told me the piece will come out sometime this week and when my phone started ringing non-stop with SMSes since 10am, I knew its out.

The Beginning
Sandra dropped an email asking how I was coping with the recession. I shared what I did and how I try to maintain low running cost so that I can help my clients save too. And I do not see the recession as a downfall but a great opportunity. That’s why I started 24seven.

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Claud’s Garage Sale

i’m SUPER broke! so i’m going to be selling off some of my precious junks. but i’m damn lazy to post them up on classified or ebay. so i’m going to be posting up things i want to sell over at my tumblr garage. if you are interested in any of the things that i’m selling there, please feel free to contact me or drop me a message.

i’m constantly having things to sell or give away. so do check back to my garage often. or better still, subscribe to my garage feed. you’ll never know what you’ll be able to find! usually it’ll be at super bargained price!

i really really need to get myself through this shitty time! please help buy my junk! or help me spread the words out k? especially if you know of anyone who might be interested in the list of things i’m selling.

Thank you very much!

Giving them their second chance in education – NLS

The Miss Lim in me got overly emotional as I observed the work and effort this group of very special teachers put in on Friday. It was my first visit to the school and I’m feeling the passion and true wisdom these teachers are imparting to this very special group of students.

It was Northlight School’s 2nd Prize Awards Night. It was a very simple affair, totally unlike those I was part of while in my teaching school. It may be simple, but I felt the appreciation from the students and parents. And the genuine support and love from the teachers was simply amazing! Never felt that strong of feeling through my three years in school. I was so touched that I teared! (Seriously I did!)

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