How Can We Get There?

Tough road ahead.

Someone once told me that one can never be too busy to blog. But when mind is overly clouded by the millions and one things, its tough to set time and mind aside to find the right tone to blog.

Claudia the Panda is taking a breather.
Working on something (hopefully) great.

You can find her still occasionally on her randomness blog or on Twitter.

Adjusting my inner clock

After a week from blogathon, I’m still not fully adjusted with my inner clock. Two nights within this week of insomnia and the hectic working hours are adding more stress. I need to find time for myself. If only I could stop thinking and doing work after working hours. If only I could take few days leave to give myself the “ME” time. None of that happening anytime soon.

Till I have more ME time, this blog will probably be in hiatus. When I do return, it should hopefully be with a new skin for my blog too.

Have switched my host to Vodien after THC died on me at the most critical timing! But since its a lifetime hosting plan, I’ll have to find purposeful use for it soon. Anyone needs a testing ground?

Hope Vodien will not fail on me. If it can holds Lester’s site well so far, I’m sure mine wouldn’t be of any problem.

Till the day I return… find me on Twitter still.

Sleeping Cat

Sakura by fofuras felinas

On a week’s hiatus

I will disappear from the online world for the whole of this week. Because we are moving! We needed a bigger place at a cheaper rent. So we are moving out of our cosy little office at The Sail and into the neighbourhood. We love our $3 bowl of noodle and the $14 set lunch was hurting our own wallet a little too much. So we decided to move.

This whole week, expect to see very little of me on Twitter, MSN and don’t expect any blog post. More updates coming after we settle down in our new home office.


If you’re wondering why we need an entire week to move, visit 24seven’s blog next week to find out!