Vote & Win Now with SONY make.believe

Remember the contest I shared couple months back? The finalists are up and they need our votes to win! Voters get to win our choice of dream prizes too!

Voting is real simple! I did it in less than 2 minutes! Watch video below to see how simple it is to vote and win! I’m sure you can spare 2 minutes of your time to vote ya? No purchase required wor! Cast your vote at Sony make.believe.

Here are the prize options which you will stand to win when you vote!

Go visit the website for more details.

Dream Prizes to be Won!


Have you submitted you dream and photos to Sony make.believe contest already? If you’ve not, you better do so quickly! I would love to take part in this if I’m not writing this post nor owning 24seven! But then again, I’ve already made believe my dream hasn’t I? :P

If you’ve not explored the site yet, this post will give you a gist of what you’ve got to do to win those prizes! And really, its very simple! You don’t need to know rocket science to do it!

dot your dream with Sony

All you need is to write a short (250 characters) description of your dream with the word “Sony” in it. Submit this with your particulars and you’re in for the $100,000 contest!

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Living my dreams – make.believe it!


For the past one year or so, I’ve been sharing my experiences through this blog and at meet-up sessions with friends. My version of how I make.believe my dreams and am living in it. I’ve always wanted to do three things since a child. First was to be a Teacher, second be my own boss and third, get a job that’ll allow me to fly around the world. At age of almost 30, I’m proud to say that I’ve realised two of my three dreams. I’ve made the a reality, because I believe in myself that I can do it. No matter how tough the journey is, I am going to make it real for as long as I can.

This goes very well in line with the new branding of Sony – make.believe.

make.believe: [make-dot-believe] stands for the power of Sony’s creativity, ability to turn ideas into reality and the belief that anything you can imagine, you can make real.

“believe” signifies ideas and ideals, while “make” represents the ability to turn those ideas into reality. The dot symbolizes the place where great things begin. It is where inspiration meets creativity, where creativity meets reality.

In line with this new direction, Sony is having two contests, which I feel is something worth spending time participating. One contest is giving away $100,000 worth of sponsorship from Sony to realise your dream!

And the other a chance to watch FIFA World Cup in South Africa as Fan Photographers!

If I had the $100,000 sponsorship, I will set up my dream studio. A cosy place for all my photographer friends to gather and exchange ideas and experiences. With the full series of Sony Alpha cameras within reach in the studio, we will have so much fun snapping and even camwhoring with the cameras!

Well, my dream isn’t that hard to fulfill right? What about yours? Tell me about it too in the comments box below ok?

Come to think of it, now that I’m somehow involved in this campaign, I won’t be able to submit my dream for the contest! :( If your dream is the same as mine, perhaps you can go try it and I’ll vote for you if you’re selected ya! Let me know if you’re submitting!

Go visit the website for more details.