DBS one.tap – New way to shop

Sooo the Tap and Win by DBS was a prelude to what they are offering and just what I am looking for! Think credit card in your mobile phone! No more bulky wallet! If it was introduced some 10 years ago, I would have gone clubbing with just a phone, no need for $3 baggage lockers. *coughs*

This DBS TVC should be familiar to you all of you by now. I’m guessing one of the Future of Banking they are referring to is One.Tap.

DBS one.tap is empowered by Near Field Communications (NFC) technology which transmits data between a mobile device and a reader. According to DBS website, we can now tap and pay for purchases at retail outlets and for taxi fares with our mobile phone, at over 30,000 merchant acceptance points in Singapore. Some of these popular merchants include, Watsons, PastaMania, Shaw Theatres, G2000, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Comfort & CityCab and more.

Here’s the video on one.tap.

Looks like DBS is getting all pumped up for a whole new banking experience! As a customer for more than 2 decades, I’m excited to enjoy all these cool new experiences and features by DBS.

This post is sponsored by DBS, but all thoughts and comments are of my own. And I joke not for being a loyal customer of DBS.

Tap and Go – I Like!

Don’t you wish one day you can step out of your house with just your mobile phone? Forget about your wallet and card case. Everything you need is within your phone!

A year ago, a friend working at a bank shared (secretly) about a new way of payment, no card and contactless. Just Tap and Go. I liked the idea he was sharing and was excited to jump onto the trial. Alas, nothing was heard about it there after.

Today, I chanced upon this on Facebook and I think its the same concept. Instead of Tap and Go, it’s Tap and Win! If only there were more of such machines placed around Singapore, I want to be surprised like those folks in the video too!