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Just a quick update before I shower and catch some sleep…

I’ve decided to separate my personal life with my professional life. (I’m trying to.) First baby step is to separate my rumblings and personal shoutings and professional related sharing digitally.

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So there, you’ve been directed to the right channel to get the right kind of things you want to know about or from me.

Now… where’s my sleep….

On The Business Times (Weekend)

This was from two months back, but decide to post it up still so that I can remind myself about this in years to come. This blog has become part of my memory repository too, in case one day, I forget who I am or needs help in recalling portion of my life when I’m old. And my children and grandchildren can read about me too through this blog. Ha! Ok, back to the article on BT.

Companies reluctant to woo customers with tweet nothings

Larger version

Larger version

Nothing to comment on this right now since it was from two months ago. Progression and growth digitally is too fast too furious. Something two months ago may not be news anymore. Just want to post it up as a record for my own reference. And if you’d missed this, for your reading too.