Mussels – Some say its like sex

I know Diana hates it and never will ever touch one. I personally have a love-hate for mussels, but I’ve had too much of it the past 3 days. First was at Vivo City and the next at Parkway Parade two days later. I shall not go into details why mussels to some are like sex, I’ll keep that to your own imagination. *coughs*

Do these remind you of sex?

Its my second visit to The Mussel Guys at Vivo City, and of course, the mussels were the highlight of the dinner. The other items we ordered were sadly not to our liking. The reason why we walked into The Mussel Guys was that it had no queue. You know how crazy queues get around Vivo City during dinner time! Despite the average crowd, service was pretty slow. When more tables filled up over the hour or so while we were there, service went from bad to literally, none.

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