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Sunday out with Minmin

February 10, 2010  |  Our Girl  |  No Comments

Last Sunday was Minmin day! We didn’t get to see her in January, so Abang and I were both looking forward to it. She’d grown since the last time we saw her. Still as cute and adorable! She came to give me a hug once she saw me. Love this feeling! Hope she misses us as much as we miss her.

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Life in Cubes #10

February 9, 2010  |  Life in Cubes  |  No Comments

When you see this, you know I’ve got too many things to blog but have no time! Hahahaha! Hope I’ll be able to catch up on blogging during CNY break! (If there’s one!)

I heart my job!

Happy Birthday Yasmin!

November 7, 2009  |  Our Girl  |  No Comments

Woah!!! Baby girl you’re 7 already!! See how time passes by so so quickly! A year in primary school and I can see how much you’ve progressed! Very bright and charming girl you are do you know that? Just like your Ayah.

Again, we are not given the opportunity to spend your birthday with you. We hope you will not think that we do not care about you nor don’t want to be with you. But this is beyond our control. One day you will grow up and you will know why this is happening. We know you will.

Ayah and me wishes you a very happy 7th birthday! Hope we’ll get to see you next week! Bring you for nice meal ok? In the meantime, if you by any chance is reading this, go check your Restaurant City mailbox! Can’t give you present in person, so I’m sending you some furnitures for your restaurant instead! :P

Happy Happy Birthday Minmin!!!!!!!

We love you very much Yasmin! Hope you love us as much too! *MUACK!!*

Sunday Funout with Minmin

August 22, 2009  |  Events & Outings, Our Girl  |  1 Comment

Last Sunday, it was Minmin day! It was THE day that Abang and I will always look forward to every month.

Minmin Funday Out

That morning, we picked Min up at 10am and head over to Kallang for breakfast. It was something we don’t get to do often. After breakfast, we headed over to Sims Drive for a K1 race with fellow blogger friends.

The concept of K1 was born when CS Racing and the Singapore Motor Sports Association came together with one common goal – to develop the future of Motorsports in Singapore by raising awareness and interest among the community.

There was also a F1 model car on display for photo taking and display of photos from past F1 seasons too. Infusing the F1 experience even in the neighborhood. How I wish the K1 karting experience would be around Sengkang! How can not take photos since we’re there leh?

Before getting ourselves into the race, everyone will have to sign an indemnity form. Maciam like sign our life away lah! But this is necessary for all such activities. Nothing to worry about, cause safety always come first for the organisers and helpers at the carnival.

Minmin wanted to drive around the circuit too, but she’s underage. So we took a photo with the K1 karts instead. She was a little shy as usual at first, but eventually went for it, the temptation too hard to resists. There was also a little boy who was crying out loud at the carnival, wanting to join his elder sisters and father in the race, but he’s way too young for it. The organisers pacified him by bringing him in to take a shot with the K1 kart on display too. This display is for use at the safety talk prior to every race.

Experience with the kart was fun! Though speed limit was capped at 25km/h for safety reason at such carnival, driving the K1 kart around the narrow circuit was still quite a challenge and still as exciting. I’m sure the other bloggers who were there all have their stories to tell. Links to their post at end of this post. Abang went for the race too. He loved it! And we’ll be doing it again!

If you would like to give K1 karting a try too, head over to their carnival over the next few Sundays! Each race at $5.

  • 23 Aug, 10am to 6pm at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 – Carpark beside Block 324
  • 6 Sep, 10am to 6pm at Coleman Street – Beside St Andrew’s Cathedral
    (THIS WE’LL BE THERE!!! Drop me a message if you want to join us.)
  • 13 Sep, 9am to 2pm at Carpark of Block 510. West Coast Drive

Do take note of the requirements for participants!


For more details, please refer to their website.

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Minmin’s 1st Day in School

January 2, 2009  |  Our Girl  |  No Comments

It’s our little girl’s first day in school!

I took lots of photos of her in the cute uniform. And recorded a video clip of her wearing her school shoes and taking her first walk to school. She smiles and giggles when she sat down in line with her cute pink school bag which she’d excitedly pulled from home to school.

I followed her to class and saw her sat there looking attentively to what her form teacher is telling her. I couldn’t stop snapping on my camera. She occasionally took quick look over at me and gave me her biggest smile. She looks so beautiful.

When the school bell rang for the end of the day, she ran towards me and started sharing how much she loves school and the friends she got to meet today.

Minmin loves going school!

If only I could have really lived those moments in her first big day in school. But that didn’t happen. I hope she had fun and enjoyed her day.

We miss you girl! Hope you have enjoyed your first day in school and we look forward to the first school holiday! Cause we will be seeing you for more than the usual 6 hours! Love you very much!

You’re 6 today! And we miss you very much!

November 7, 2008  |  Our Girl  |  8 Comments

To our sweetest girl Min,

It’s been 203 long and miserable days since we saw you. If only you know how much pain and misses these days have brought to Ayah and Mummy. We wrote you a letter a month ago, and till today, we have not been given any chance to see you at all.

You and your birthday cake in 2007

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Min @ Sakae

January 29, 2005  |  Our Girl  |  No Comments

Yasmin loves to eat chawamushi at Sakae. And everytime after she finishes the battle with it, she’ll look like this…