Been a long time since I’ve posted an entry where I tok and tok and tok and . . . . so tonight, while waiting for my almost 1GB of photos to be uploaded to flickr, I’m going to just let my fingers do the talking. (Ok, plus my brain too, cause my fingers can’t talk if my brain’s not functioning. . . omg! wth i’m talking about? Well, that’s what happened after some glasses of red wine during dinner.)

Alright, now, let me begin. But before I do that, I think I should give a brief outline of tonight’s post. (Also to keep myself on track, avoiding diverging to other side talks.)

Today’s blog entry outline:

  1. Upgrading to WP2.0
  2. I love my job but I hate my work!
  3. Scrap Art + It’s 1st event
  4. SCS Gala Dinner + IT Youth Award Finalist
  5. Part-time job??
  6. Minmin = Gingin?

Ok, up to this point of time, I’m already half asleep. So whatever that comes after this, I’m sure 99% are going to be senseless or pointless and it’ll sure be filled with lots of grammatical and speling errors!! (See! I just did it! spelLing error!!)

1. Upgrading to WP2.0
As mentioned earlier in one of my post, I’ve just upgraded my wordpress to 2.0. Still haven’t got time to create a new theme for it, and I doubt I’ll be doing that. The interface now is more advance and the Write Post section has improved. Almost like typing in MS Word. Cool, but loading takes quite a while as compared to the older version.

2. I love my job but I hate my work
Life has been sucking ever since I’ve decided to leave the service in july. And it recently just got worst! Life just sucks big time when you have someone who will bring my achievements and reputation that I’ve spent the past 2 and a half year building with sweat, blood, soul and endless working hours down to hell just because of one small incident which the person defines as an act of “bo-chap-ness: since-i’m-leaving-so-why-should-i-care-attitude”. It’s just so unfair!

Lesson learned is never to work your butt out right from the start. Be “lazy” first than when the time is right, slowly build up your strength and show them what you’re truely made of! I’m never going to do this kind of stupid things ever again! Give my 100%, without fail, for 2.5years, and now that I’m in my final dash to the end, I’m tired and willing to give only my 80-90%, I’m being deemed as being “bo-chap”! Arghhh! I hate my work!!!

3. Scrap Art + It’s 1st event
Also mentioned in one of my earlier post, I’ve started SCRAP ART, and am working on the website to kick off my business plan. Thanks to Abang, I’ve got myself a stall at China Square Central on Sundays in the month of June. So stay tune for more details on it ok! And watch the space at as it’ll be loaded with details and lesson/product details real soon.

On 25 Feb, SCRAP ART participated in a fund raising event for Madrasah Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiah. It was an intiative by their Parent Support Group and one of my colleague is in the committee. As I knew it less than a week to the event, I had to scrap non-stop every night and than a whole day marathon, just to get out some altered notebooks, mirrors, door hangers and cards for sale. But sad to say, the crowd didn’t really turn up and those who came weren’t ready to spend that amount of money. Many were excited when they saw the products and albums, but walked away relunctantly when they saw the price. Well, I can’t blame them as it was pretty steep as it was for fund raising and I’ve only limited stocks available.

Many children came to try their hands on creating their own bookmarks. And I must say, some little ones are really very creative. The things they can do with the papers and the punches amazed me.

The day ended with only 1 sale of the notebook and some from the DIY cardmarking counter. Though a slow and sweaty day, we had fun with those who came by. More photos available at SCRAP ART flickr album.

** If you have any events/ occassions where you need vendors to set-up counters/stalls around your school/ company, please feel free to contact me. I’ll be more than willing to take part. Just drop me an email or a call and I’ll try to arrange for it.

4. SCS Gala Dinner + IT Youth Award
25 Feb was also the night of SCS Gala Dinner at Swissotel Raffles City, Convention Center. As one of the 6 finalist for the IT Youth Award, I was invited to attend this dinner. It can said to be my first encounter with this kind of function. Every men was in lounge suit and ladies in evening gown. And it had been awhile since I doll myself. So as usual, I can’t stop snaping photos of myself…

And what I wore for accessories. . . both from Mphosis

Ok, back to the dinner. . . Everyone seems to know each other, mostly from the same trade (no prize for guessing!). The opening, as usual, was long. Can see that many were starving but put on a smile while listening to the speeches. Let me show you what we had for dinner:

(Ok, the last item is not really in the menu. it’s created by Abang using seseame seeds from his bread. I missed the dessert as its was too tempting to resist. After almost finishing than I realised I didn’t take a snap of it!)

So what’s this IT Youth Award about? Don’t ask so much lah! It’s an award and I’m not the winner, just a finalist. So I shan’t talk about that. But just for the sake of those who might be curious, here’s the plague I received…

More shots uploaded in my flickr . . . SCS Gala Dinner Album

5. Part-time job??

(continuing the next day. . . )
Was conversing with Ad on msn the other night and just asking if he’s in need of any part-timers. He mentioned that he usually employs part-times and the pay seems pretty attractive. So I told him I was keen since I’m going to be pretty free after July. Will catch up with him soon during one of our meetings. If I really get to do pt for him, maybe I’ll really get a mac for myself. (For work purposes mah! Haha!! Excuses!)

6. Minmin = Gingin?

Haven’t been blogging on our little girl for quite awhile. Not that we’ve not been seeing her, but I’m just too caught up with work that I’ve forgotten to post about her. So just some update. . .

She’s 3 this year and at this age, she’s getting pretty busy all the time. Asking so many questions and knowing how to use the same tone and speech to reply to adults. The bond between us is getting closer. She’ll hug me tightly when I’ve to leave and cry sadly too. It hurts me to see her like tat, although I know its common for kids to do that, but I just felt so touched and guilty at the same time. We’re just loving each other more and more.

Some photos of her taken recently. . .

We love you lots! *Kisses and hugs*
More of minmin’s photos on flickr in Yasmin’s Album