I want to blog about today. But I’m tired. So I’ll post the photos first and fill in the text later.

Here are the shots of what we (4 YebbersBobo, Endoh, Feizhu and me) had today at Earle Swensen’s…

My favorite – Salad Bar @ FOC with Main Course or pay $10.80

This time round, there were couple of new choices like the lotus root, sliced cuttlefish balls and spicy sausages. However, instead of my reusual 2 to 3 rounds from the salad bar, I only went once. Maybe cos I was so hungry that my tummy contracted at that point of time or maybe I’m just shy lah, first time meeting the 3 of them. Hee…

Feizhu had Roast Beef & Egg Sourdough Sandwich @ $13.30
Roast beef with honey mustard egg mayo
and mixed salad, in a sourdough bread, served with spicy U.S. fries.

Bobo had Cajun Salmon Fillet @ $25.80
Salmon fillet with Cajun spice and sweet chilli jam,
served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Endoh had Sirloin Steak @ $25.30

I had Grilled Lobster with Black Pepper Pasta @ $38.80
Tender grilled lobster in its shell, accompanied by black pepper spaghetti.

Grilled Lobster with Black Pepper Pasta

I shall let you read my review of the above “Grilled” Lobster at Yebber.

Feizhu had Swensen Banana Split @ $8.00
Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla ice cream drenched with chocolate fudge,
strawberry & pineapple toppings, fresh banana slices & almonds.

We shared Ice Cream Fondue @ $16.80
Chocolate fondue with 5 ice cream flavour
(sticky chewy chocolate, thin mint, mocha almond fudge,
strawberry, cookies ‘N’ cream), cherries, fresh strawberries and
bananas, brownie and white blondie cubes, fan wafers and diced almonds.

As all 3 of them were camera shy, these were the closest you can see of them…

This is Feizhu holding the strawberry for the camera.
Nope, he didn’t eat it. Cos he was too full from his Banana Split.

This is Bobo with the cherry.
Nope, she didn’t eat it too as she already had one. I took it.

And this is Endoh with the waffle.
This he ate it.

It was great finally getting to meet Bobo and Endoh, after reading their reviews on Yebber, to chatting on MSN and then our recent craze with Scrabulos on Facebook. Meeting them in person now seems pretty comfortable. My first impression for them… Bobo is shy and quiet in person, while Endoh is tall, tanned and yap he’s a gym goer. (Read about his Planet Fitness reviews here.)

And then there’s Feizhu, he’s new at Yebber, and I was surprised when he messaged me saying that he would like to join us. After reading his reviews and checking out his blog, I pictured him in a big and short body like what his nickname suggested. But when he walked towards our table, he seems smaller and taller as compared to my imagination! (opps… heee) It was great fun talking to him. He’s got so many interesting and funny and mind-blowing stories to share. I will never forget how he got conned twice and still never learnt his lessons… heee. Seriously, $300 for a lobster salad or $700 for a meal of Sashimi is really no joke leh! I must remember to check out the place if we’ll be going to any before I agree to tag along. Haha!

Am looking forward to more Yebber gatherings and makan sessions with them.

And before I left VivoCity, I bought these…

Little Red Shop’s Tau Sar Piah

Box of 8 mixed flavors @ $6.00

The Traditional Salted (I think)

Between Little Red Shop and 603 Tau Sar Piah, I prefer the 603 ones. Its softer and the fillings melt in your mouth. But if you prefer the crunch when you bite into it, this Little Red Shop one is better for you.