Taking a look back at 2007, with photos, the events and happenings and changes that took place in my life in 2007…

January 2007 – Parent’s stall got featured in the papers

Feb 2007 – CNY with my family

March 2007 – Injured my back, suffered much pain and had to leave my job @ MWL.

April 2007 – I created my very first plushie! Prince Froggie.

April 2007 – KTV with friends from MWL
It was fun fun fun! Totally crazy!

April 2007 – KTV with my pretty girlfriends. BFF!

May 2007 – I got my bangs! First ever after more than 10years!

June 2007 – As a vendor at the first Yebber Fashion Fusion

July 2007 – Celebrated my 20-something birthday

July 2007 – My first experience at MAAD Market

July 2007 – I won my first prize online with Yebber.com.
And soon I got talent spotted and started my 4th career in life with them.

July 2007 – Finally a day out with my sisters.
Our first ride on the Luge

July 2007 – NE Show to preview the first NDP at Marina Bayfront

August 2007 – I learned about facebook. And have been stuck ever since!

August 2007 – Spent a not-so-fruitful night at Siloso Beach.

September 2007 – My first visit at Island Creamery with Pingsters.

Nothing much happened in October 2007.
Other than my recap of my journey in the cyberworld.

November 2007 – Our girl Min’s Birthday

Nov 2007 – My first experience at fine dining, Sage.

November 2007 – Blog post on Tatarah got quoted by the papers

November 2007 – My 2nd time at Yebber Fashion Fusion
This time round in the organising committee!

December 2007 – First ever live basketball match with the Slingers.

December 2007 – Launch of Ping.sg Tshirt.

December 2007 – Yebber had our first party for members

That’s about all for me in 2007. Doesn’t seem to be that exciting for some, but it sure was for me. I hope 2008 will be an even more eventful year for me.