Recently I was asked to lie down on the grass field outside Marina Square by a guy. He was young and an intern at SPH. With all my gadgets laying in front of me, I tried my best to pose for his camera. It wasn’t the best angles of me from where he was shooting, but I didn’t want to disrupt his shoot.

He was there to take photos of me for an article that’s in the Saturday section of The Straits Time for today. I’d been receiving SMS since 8am (!!!) telling me that they saw me on the papers. But till now, I’ve not seen the article myself! (Thanks to the sleepy head in me.)

I was told the photo featured is pretty big, and from the way they’d described the photo to me, I think its one of the ugly shots of me! Gosh! I think i need to dig a hole and hide liao!

Will get a shot of the article later when I get myself a copy of today’s TST.