Its time of the year again where close friends start asking what I want. Usually I’ll have a whole list of things I want to get, but this year, I can’t seem to compile the list at all! And just few minutes ago, my BFF msn me and asked the same question! So I’m going to attempt to compile a wish list from scratch…

Claud’s Wishlist 2008

  1. Top on the list is none other than the HTC Touch Diamond!

    Of course I’m NOT expecting any of my friends to get this for me! I’m planning to get it for myself when my Singtel contract expires on 29 July!
  2. Polaroid camera is no. 2!! The One600 Ultra.

    This I don’t think can find in Singapore. So I’m also not expecting anyone to get this one for me. But if you do, please give me together with lots and lots of the film k! Cause I want to cover my entire wall with Polaroid shots!
  3. New clothes for work and play – Sizes from L to XXL! Wahahaha!
    I’m beginning to observe I’m wearing more and more like auntie to work! I need new clothes in my wardrobe! Those in there now, are either too worn out, too small, too big or too outdated to be worn! I need help with dressing up! Perhaps a makeover package for me?
  4. Coach wristlet

    This I’ve been searching for the longest time. But the design I want is not on sale anymore in Singapore! Even my friend couldn’t find it in the States loh! How leh? Can you find it?
  5. Oh yes!! Perfume!: Gucci Rush or Romance by Ralph Lauren
    This I think is the most “buy-able” item on my list isn’t it? Hmm… I wonder if I’ll be getting double of this! Wahahaha!

Hmm… really nothing more liao leh! How?


The best is
DON’T buy

anything for me lah! *winks*