I’m pissed! VERY PISSED! Just because I work for Yebber, does it mean that everything I say, everything I do and everything I blog about equals to Yebber? If a blogger works for a web2.0 company in Singapore, this blogger cannot be friend with other bloggers from other web2.0 company? And this blogger cannot voice out his or her thoughts as a friend of the other blogger?

What kind of world is this? It’s my blog, its my mouth, its my personal thoughts! And I have my right to do whatever I want! Every blogger is allowed to do that too! You want to say anything you want on your blog, I don’t care! But please don’t mix our personal relationship with our friends with our professional relationship with work can?! Work is work! Personal life is NOT EQUAL to work can?!

What the hell is wrong with you people???

I’m tired. As mentioned on plurk, I’m leaving. I’m quitting. Just need time to settle my unfinished work. And I’ll be gone. Gone in whatever Web2.0 sites. I’m happier with my life when I wasn’t “known” or “popular” in these places. I missed those days where I can blog about anything I want without having to worry that I’m being watched or someone will find fault with me with the words I say in my blog.