Today there were people Plurking about this Virtual world Google released. Since it doesn’t work on mac, I tried it before I left office today. It’s almost my first 5-min in any virtual world environment. Have tried Secondlife for less than 5-min and I didn’t know what to do already. I’m jus too stupid for these kind of things I think.

Google’s version is not as complex as Secondlife, and the characters look more cartoonist and the screen size of the world is rather small. I’ll probably have to spend more time trying it out over the weekend from home. (Reminds self to bring back the laptop.) Connection at office is just not sufficient for such heavy loadings.

Here are 2 screenshots I took… this is me in the virtual world! Ha! I wanted to make a bigger sizes one, but there wasn’t any control to adjust the size of the characters!

Those weird looking characters are members who’s new in the room I guess. Or they’re in process of changing themselves.

Seriously, I don’t know why the character has to stand like that! So auntie lah!!!

I think I look like a chao ah lian in there.



Have tried playing around more and I’ve also created my own rooms! It’s almost like playing THE SIMS! I used to love THE SIMS few years back. This sure brings back some fun memories.