Over the weekend, I attended my first ever Canon Photomarathon. It was quite an experience for me and the 3 themes assigned this year was quite challenging. Here are the 3 not-so-creative shots I submitted for my entry. And of course, they didn’t win lah! Haha!

Theme 1 : Change

Theme 2 : Dreams

Theme 3 : Freedom

There were so much more creative and well planned shots that day! They’re really prepared for it! Couldn’t believe they got those photos right off their cameras. Perhaps they really have cool camera effects or a studio already on stand-by for the day.

Great fun this year! Will surely attend the future photomarathons! Nikon will you be having one soon too? :P

Click here to view photos taken with Nikon D40

You can find shots from some other participants at Clubsnap Forum too.

And the winning shots, photos of event and interesting work can be found at the link “Photos and Works from Photomarathon 2008” (at the bottom left links) here.

Congrats to all the winners!