I think I've finally found the mobile phone I want! After trying out few other <i>to-consider-getting</i> phones, finally I found one that meets my needs! The Samsung Innov8 (GT-i8510)!

I think I’ve finally found the mobile phone I want! After trying out few other to-consider-getting phones, finally I found one that meets my needs!

Features I need in my mobile phone…
(+) Auto focus camera that produces good quality photos
(+) True web browsing feature that loads flash
(+) Good sound quality
(+) Loud enough alarm that plays mp3
(+) Comfortable and big enough buttons for my fat fingers
(+) Fuss-free user interface

The Samsung Innov8 (GT-i8510)

And this phone has got all of the above! I want to buy this phone! I’m so unwilling to part with it now that I’m loving it.

This phone fits perfectly into my palm and feels oh-so-sexy! The body feels steady yet sleek. The sliding of the phone is super smooth too. Unlike some of the slide phones where you feel a jerk when the phone is slide open. When you hold the Innov8 in your hands, you’ll just not want to let it go. (At least for me lah!) It was love at first sight for me.

Samsung Innov8 comes with a 8.0megapixel auto focus camera with super cool feature for a cameraphone! With options such as face detection, smile detection and blink detection, you’ll be able to capture perfect shots of your friends and yourself (perfect for camwhoring) almost all the time! With good lighting of course! Don’t expect good take at night or at dimly lighted places. There’s also scene modes for you to choose from. It’s almost like a point-and-shoot digital camera!

Easy-acess to video, camera and play mode

To switch between the different mode for your camera, all you need to do is the push of a button! This make switching between photo taking and video taking super easy. There’s also flash option for your videos and you can try doing slow-motion videos too!

One feature which I find pretty neat is the panorama shots. Usually cameras with such feature allows user to have the previous shot as preview and you’ll have to join the shots on your own and when you’re done, you’ve to press the shutter button again. But using the Innov8, all you need is press the shutter for the first take and just turn yourself to capture the shots. Below’s a video of the panorama feature in action…

Super cool feature to capture panorama shots!

This is how a panorama shot looks like…

In the day…

Click to view 2800×400 version

And at night…

Click to view 2800×400 version

You can take vertical panorama shots too!

that’s my messy room

You should be able to notice that the photos aren’t as sharp and clear, but that’s the not-so-good thing about this feature. Only the first shot is auto focused and the remaining shots are not. But still a pretty cool option to have.

Couple more test shots from the Innov8 camera…

Model at Canon VIP event

Parking FAIL!

Being categorised as an infotainment phone by Samsung, this small black beauty does have super powerful sound quality! Great for listening to music and watching your favourite movie on the go. But please please please use a earphone! It supports the standard 35mm audio jack! Spare a thought for others near you, they don’t want to listen to what you’re playing on the phone, no matter how good the audio quality is!

35mm audio jack at the side of the phone

This irritates me a little, when I have my earphone plug in, I can’t fit the phone into my pocket! Not so friendly for those who likes to have their music plugged in while you’re on the go.

Below’s a short video showing you the audio and video quality of the Samsung Innov8 phone.

Media and sound quality on the Innov8

Before this phone was released, I was upset that most of the slidephones comes with small keypads or not so comfortable to use ones. I’m so glad that the Innov8 keypad fits nicely for my fat fingers!

I simply cannot use phones with hard to use buttons. I’ve absolutely no problem with this one! (See I’m really loving it!)

With so much powerful features packed into a tiny phone, with a tiny and slim battery, the battery has to be charged daily. If you’re a hardcore information and content consumer, I’ll advice you to buy an extra battery or bring along your charger everywhere you go. From what I’ve tested, the battery will run low after about an hour listening to mp3 + total of an hour plus for web browsing + roughly 30 SMSes + less than 30 mins of talktime + about 20+ shots of photos w/o flash. Something like that lah! That’s a typical day for me with the mobile phone.

This phone is 99% perfect for me already. And when I showed my uncles during our recent dinner, they are all tempted to change too! Perhaps I’ll have a Samsung Innov8 outing one day when I get my own!

Now I can’t bear to part with the review unit lah! Singtel! When are you going to have another promotion for the Samsung Innov8? I missed the launch promo leh! Quick have another one! I want to buy! Wahahahaha!

There’s a whole lot more cool feature for this phone! If I continue, this will be the longest post on my blog ever lah! Here are few other links I found with reviews of the Samsung Innov8. Can go check it out if you’re considering getting this phone too.
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