Over the past few days, I've made a few changes... changed my skin, my theme and my phone!

Over the past few days, I’ve made a few changes…

First, changes was made to my PSP slim. In June, I Zhng-ed my PSP, but after only few months, the blings started coming off and leaving ugly sticky marks on the garskin. And I was also getting tired of the bright ah-lian zhng-ed PSP so I decided to pull everything off and keep it original.

My clean white PSP slim

For those few days where I was playing on the naked PSP, I was extra careful with it, afraid to get any scratches on it. I decided, I need to get it protected again. So I found this at one of the pushcarts at CompassPoint.

I got this at just $10

So now my PSP slim looks like this…

The front…

The behind…

That was the first change. And now the second change I did was to my blog layout. Few friends have been telling me that they’re confused when reading my blog.

What I intended was to make my blog less personal and less like a blog-blog. Ermm… more like a blog-azine style or a website? When I found this theme, I was delighted as it gives me lots of flexible and moving elements or widgets around is made simple. Because of the nature of some of my posts that are kind of “timeless”, like my reviews, social media sharing and others, I want to highlight them and made known to new readers on my blog. If I had used the usual chronological blogging theme or format, these posts will just disappear when new ones are posted. This theme does well in giving them more and longer exposure. And I like the boxes and simple layout design too. So what I did was to rearrange the boxes a little and this is the little changes and explanation. Hope it’ll help make it less confusing for you.

The before…

There were 3 main sections on the main content (left) side on the homepage. The one on top (in red) was were I have my featured post whenever I want to highlight something for awhile more. Than below it (in green), there’s few tabs on some of the categories that I’m focusing on in my blog. Each tab gives the latest postings in that category. And finally comes all my latest posts.

And now, the layout looks like this…

Not much of a change, but at least the latest posts are more obvious. I kept the category tabs at the top cause it might be missed if its at the bottom. And the featured post highlight is now on the top-right of the page. Lesser attention paid for that but at least its there.

Some of you also suggested that I keep a separate blog for each of my focus. Like having a Claud talks Gadget blog, one for my social media sharing and one for my personal whining and what not. There are reasons for me to keep them all under one roof. I’ll touch on this in another entry soon.

And finally! I’ve changed my phone!! I just couldn’t live without it! After using it for 2 weeks with the review unit I got from Samsung, I got so in love with it that I just have to get one! Thanks to the $300 handset upgrade voucher received from Starhub, the $100 discount for getting a 3G phone and the trading-in of my motoQ9h, I paid only $88 for my Samsung Innov8! *grins big big*

With a 8-megapixel camera in my hp, I’m now using less of my Canon Ixus camera! Wonder if I should sell it off.

Claudia is a happy woman! :)

Psss… to make claudia an even happier woman, anyone willing to sponsor a new Macbook Pro? Muahahahaha!! *evil grin*