Photo from here. Hope he don’t mind me using it.

I’m beginning to feel that my blogging is getting kinda sad. It somehow seems like life has come to a standstill for me. Nothing I do seems like a blogable post. When one’s life get bored, their blog becomes boring too isn’t it?

Other than the tech stuff which I try to talk about weekly, and the occasional events or happenings that I attended, there seem to be nothing left for me to blog about. My life is soooo boring these days that I have totally nothing exciting or personal to share!

I hope things will change for the better soon so that I’ll have new and exciting things to share with you my friends.

And for the record…

  1. yes, something’s changing in my life (again)
  2. yes, i’m still broke and will continue to be broke
  3. yes, i know its a bad move but what’s done is done
  4. yes, if you have spare cash and is willing to part with it, contact me
  5. no, i do not have money to pay you back yet. sorry