I know, I know! You’re going to ask why am I changing theme so often. Recently I changed the layout of this blog, and now I’m changing the theme! Claudia is too free liao lah! *cough*

Actually no, I’m not that free, I’m just getting tired of the darkness from my previous theme and needed something to freshened it up. Don’t you think this is so much brighter now? Also added a sitemap (finally!) to this 4-year-old blog.

Over the next few days (or maybe weeks or even months!), I’ll be trying to customized this theme, adding new plugins, working on some categorizing of my uncategorized posts.

I might disappear from blogging, facebook and plurk for awhile. Firstly cause I’m sick! 3rd day already! Hope Panadol Flu Max will work wonders tonight. And also I need to sort out the mess I’ve created in my life. Nope, nothing is wrong with my relationship with Abang, in fact, we’ll be celebrating our 5th anniversary on 10 Nov 2008 after his exams. The mess I’ve created is kinda work related and I blame it all on my own stupidity and lack of career directions. I hope all will be solved soon. I need to start accumulating my CPF!! If you’ve any openings that you think is suitable for me, drop me a note k?

Till we meet again…