In this issue of Claud talks Gadgets, I’ll be sharing the male and female experiences of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 phone. The exact same phone, but two rather different user experience.

First let me introduce the other user, Abang Yuz! He’s my other half and is now the owner of the Xperia X1. I’d won the phone but didn’t need all the features, so I’m sticking to my Innov8 while Yuz gets to keep the Xperia X1.

Abang Yuz likes simple and clean stuff. He hates complexity and would be stress if given too many choices. His previous phone was the O2 atom which runs Window Mobile too. I’ve interviewed him on his experience so far with the phone, which I’ll be sharing together with my take on Xperia X1.

claud: I like the stylish design and steady built of the Xperia X1. It feels just nice in my palm and although the weight is on the heavy side, but it doesn’t make much difference since I carry it in my bag most of the time.

yuz: Very well built and durable body. The weight is too heavy and the phone is too thick for my pocket. I think it suits more for the ladies. I don’t like it being on Window Mobile platform. It just slows the system down. And why is the stylus on the left side?

claud: The 3.2MP camera gives pretty nice shots with nice natural color (when there’s sufficient lighting). The shutter button however is not very friendly. It sinks in and makes it hard for my fat fingers to press. And the reaction of the camera and capturing time is slow too.

yuz: I like how I can touch and choose the point I want to focus on. The camera responses could have been faster.

claud: With the many ways of navigating the phone and inputting of text, the Xperia X1 is made to suit the many types of users. I personally likes the QWERTY keyboard and touch screen. However the buttons on the keyboard is not as comfortable to type on as compared to my previous motoQ9h. The center joystick would have been more friendly for my thumb if its raised slightly.

yuz: There’s too many options, and sometimes I get confused how I should use the phone. I’m used to using stylus to input text on my O2, and I prefer to have a simpler phone that will not spoil me with so many choices. The phone’s width makes me ultra careful while I’ve to use it with one hand. Using the onscreen keyboard/keypad is not quite possible for my big hand. I’ll still have to use both hands and thus makes it hard for use while driving. The buttons (even when keypad locked) is overly sensitive.

Another feature that I got tired of after awhile is the panel feature. It was fun at first exploring them, but after awhile, I’m using the original screen like any other Window Mobile phone. It just doesn’t suit my lifestyle. I prefer it simple.

claud: Calling the Xperia X1 better than other phones might be a little over IMHO. Although this phone is capable of doing almost everything, with high-resolution screen for your videos and photos, the ever lagging Window Mobile system that organizes your life and lets you work while on the go, and a pretty decent sound quality for music and entertainment needs. But that’s all, like a jack-of-all-trade but a master of none. Perhaps that’s one of the reason why I can’t seem to connect as well as I want to with the phone.

yuz: This phone reacts faster than my O2 but still I encounter system hang from time to time. However, if you were to ask me to buy this phone, I would not.

In conclusion, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is a phone that will suit those who do not have to drive, spent most time on the go (in public transport), not have fat fingers, carries a bag most of the time to hold the phone (not suitable for those who likes putting phones in pockets) and wants every feature possible on the phone but need not them be the best, than the Xperia X1 is for you.

Or if you just love the stylish, sleek and well-built body.

Find out more about the Xperia X1 at their interactive website, or check out the Xperia blogger relation center. Oh! And they’re on twitter too!

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