one fine friday night, a group of plurkers from singapore gathered at

i started flashing at everyone and kris gave me that WTH stare

while ben was waiting for his turn, i flashed and spinned at him

and i got the best flashed and span shot of the night

i love doing the flash and spin as the result of the photo
surprises me everytime
it may turn out sexy or ugly
but still i enjoyed it
it was fun!

i even tried flashing myself

ridz got curious and wanted to try it himself

so dk and I tried to set the right setting on his camera

while we continued our experimental flash and spin
kris was playing five-ten with a pretty lady with his gf watching

he tried to get the pretty lady to dry bottom-up a huge glass of hoegaarden

than the rest of the group started learning five-ten too

with uncle willy as the instructor

david with the big gun arrived later that night

my flash cannot compare to his lah!
(watch out for amazing photos from willy on facebook)

here’s the group shot by the big gun

(photo by david)
with many others who had already left

willy did something which he’d not done for awhile

he made us all looked down at the big gun

(photo by willy)

i got tired of all the flashing, i left

saying goodbye to everyone there

it was a great night with great people and great fun!

looking forward to the next time we meet again soon

thanks daphne, robert and ingrid for organizing this outing

more of my flash shots will be uploaded to facebook shortly are up in facebook

Click here to view photos taken with Canon Ixus 950IS

For those of you who would like to try flashing it too, here’s how you can do it (depending on your camera)…

  • Turn off any AF-assist light (the red/green light that is flashed whenever you try to take a photo in the dark). You can do so usually in the camera setting
  • Set your camera to manual (M) mode
  • Set your ISO to the lowest (usually ISO80)
  • Turn on your flash (if you have SLOW flash setting use that one)
  • Take photo of your subject with flash and spin your camera as you please immediately after pressing and releasing the shutter button. DO NOT SPIN TOO MUCH

This should give you the effect above. Best used at night. For day shots, it’ll be probably not possible with an point and shoot. I tried spinning my camera (DSLR) before too.

HAVE FUN flashing and spinning!