Sometime last week, a group of bloggers attended the launch of two new Sony Ericsson’s mobile phone. And we lead ourselves up to a pretty cool club at the roof top of The Central – Helipad. If not for the sign and banner, we might have just missed the club. Its beside the carpark lah!

When we walked through the door, we got a little crazy with the lights below our feet…

Can you figure out who they are?

There were couple of activities happening that day and Sony Ecrisson was giving away 5 sets of mobile phones to 5 lucky guests. How kind of them! There were 3 ways to win, first to correctly guess which photo (out of the 9) was taken with the C905 cameraphone, than there was a lucky draw and finally to answer a simple question with reference to a cool 9-part series on who is johnny X?. (If you’ve time, go check out the clips! It’s quite an intensive serial. Episode 6 almost brought tears down my cheeks!)

Host for the event

The host for the press event was Pei Fen, a 933 DJ and also the main lead in So Simple. (One of those rare shows that I enjoyed pretty much.) First time I see her IRL and she’s sooo slim lah!! She speaks very fluent English too. Great choice for the event. Pretty and sophisticated lady!

Like all press events, bloggers usually stays together and try not to get in the way of the journalists and other guests from the press. There were display units set up at the corner of Helipad and when time came for hands-on, I waited for awhile so that I didn’t have to queue to play with the phones.

When the folks from Sony Ericsson saw us sitting and chatting, they joined in and volunteered to show us the new phones they’ve got with them. And they personally demonstrated the features and tried their best to answer our questions. They even left the phone in our hands and let us spend some time understanding and experiencing the phones. This I’ve to say a thumbs-up! Something worth sharing and adopting if you’re planning to invite bloggers to press events. Don’t be afraid to talk to us. We’re there not for the food nor the drinks. We’re there for your products and to interact with you! So don’t shy k.

One of the phones launched that day was the Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot phone. A 8.1 megapixel camera with Xenon flash. Hmm… the number 8 seems pretty familiar isn’t it? I fiddled with the phone for awhile and still prefers the touch and style of my Innov8. But the Xenon flash should be much better than the one on the Innov8. (Pei fen has a photo of herself taken with flash on the C905 here. You might want to go take a look.) I hope to try get hold of a review unit so that I can do a showdown between the two 8MP camera phone! *coughs*

That’s me trying out the camera feature on the C905

Slide phone with familiar Sony Ericsson look and buttons

The other phone launched that day was the Xperia X1!

Nadnut playing with the fishes

Being one of those who paid attention to the videos prior to the event, I was one of the lucky winners who won the Xperia X1 phone! And all I answered was “Google panel”! So thanks Google! Thanks Sony Ericsson and thanks to Audrey from H&K for the invitation!

According to Sony Ericsson, the Xperia X1 went through the ‘Hopper’ test, where the phone is put through its paces and stressed out to the max. This is to ensure that the phone can do everything that a user would want to do. Let me try see if this is true k! I’ll try my best to test and use the phone out to the core! Its under warranty right? *grinz*

Stay tune for a review of the Xperia X1 coming soon on Claud talks Gadgets.

Ending of with couple of shots from that day…

Nadia on Ben‘s Eee PC surfing StarBlogger

Sabrina (now with Gadget3), Esther and Nadia

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