There has been much discussions for long time within my small social circle online on whether or not to start blogging professionally in niche blogs or to start having a certain focus in one’s blogging style. And I did try to take a step out to separate my postings to couple other places where I hope to concentrate. But its just so tough for me.

Unlike many out there, I don’t read a lot daily. In fact, I don’t read much at all. And I prefer not to copy and paste things I read somewhere and post it as content (partial or in full) in my blogs. I’m not a collector of news. I want to be the creator, or as what Walter shared, a my very own storyteller.

A friend of mine shared that it is pretty easy to earn lots of money from just blogging collecting and repeating of news alone. Just start many many niche blogs and follow many many feeds, than post copy and paste content from your feeds to your blogs. There’s little thinking to do but you’ll get lots of traffic coming to your google adsense and blog ads filled site. I’m sure you know who are the few famous known people who’re doing this.

But wait a minute! That’s not my kind of storytelling. And these blogs get on my nerve at times. So now I just don’t go to them or totally ignore their feeds in Ping.

Its hard (for me) to maintain this one blog, and if I want to continue maintaining the kind of standard content I’m writing now, I will never be able to blog anywhere else but here. And that’s why I decided to lump everything under one roof and have various categories to focus on and some form of “branding” for my posts. I hope this will help make reading and searching easier for you.

I run this blog like my personal branded online magazine. I thought my previous layout made my blog look almost like a magazine. But feedback showed that my readers got lost navigating my blog. They couldn’t find my latest posts. So I changed. Make it more like a regular blog with chronologically arranged posts that everyone is used to. I’m happy when my small group of readers are happy.

Photo by fofurasfelinas

To me, blogging is more than just putting photos, words and videos out on the web. It’s the sharing of my experiences and thoughts that’s important. Although there will be time where the post is about latest news and stumbled articles which I found online, but 95% of posts here are about me. It’s about me trying out a new product and sharing my experiences with it. It’s about me going on a holiday and what I did during the trip. It’s about me and my family and friends. It’s about me and what I saw out there. Can’t you see? This blog is CLAUDIA.SG! That’s me! And the funny thing is, people are curious about me. Family and friends and even strangers, want to know what I did, what I tried and what I saw. I help bring them closer to an event which they couldn’t go or didn’t know about. I bring them closer to experiencing that new gadget that they’re eyeing. I painted a trip to a country they are considering visiting in the next holiday. That’s why they’re reading me!

I love what I’m doing here at my blog. And I’m going to continue working on it. I will not plaster my blog with many ads to annoy you. (will still have some here and there lah. but won’t have too many of them) I will not attempt to cheat my readers with content that’s not mine. I will not squeeze money from blogging even when I’m 202% broke and jobless. I will not post things that’s not of my interest nor passion. I will continue to write the way I want and be the real me 101% at all times. I will only review and share what I personally think and my posts will never be affected by money or gifts. I will continue to listen to your feedback and change if I feel that it is necessary.

Oh! And one more thing to note… I’m not just a blogger.

I’m a publisher.
I’m a creator.
I’m a communicator.
I’m a storyteller.

Do you have something for me to share? Or a story to tell? You can contact me and we can talk. ^_^