I did a little survey with my readers and friends to see if I should stop using the more tag in my post and shows full entry on my homepage. This will end up with super long pages since I usually have pretty long posts with photos and all. But than results show that more prefers to scroll down a blog than to click on posts to read them.

Some replies from plurk

After trying it out on my Where is Claudia? blog, I think scrolling isn’t that bad now isn’t it? With nice smooth trackpad to glide on, with scrolling wheels on mouse and the always there page down button to press, I think scrolling will in fact make reading of blogs easier. So I’ve decided to let it scroll from now on.

With effect from this post (actually since the one before this), all posts up here will be showing the full posts on the home page. I’ll limit it to 5 posts only. But if the scrolling gets tough, I’ll reduce the number of posts to 3.

Oh! And I think flickr is going to hate me! Especially if all 5 latest posts going to be filled with lots of photos! LOL!!!

So now that I’m scrolling it, will you visit this blog more often and stay a little longer too? *blinks*