Its been long long ago since I did a ezine for Claud talks Gadgets. Running an ezine on a personal blog is really not easy! If you’re doing it too, I’m sure you know the pain. I really must salute to Sheylara for her weekly Gamer Girl Friday!

This year, with a big shift of my responsibilities and involvement in social media, I think I would have to make a big shift too for my blogging habits. Perhaps I should find another person name Claud to take over this column here. Anyone willing to do it? The only requirement is to be able to take photos, write and review gadgets like the original Claud if not better than Claud! If you think you can, write to me now! Till I find this person, I’ll have to do it on my own.

So for my first issue of CtG in 2009, I’m going to touch on three (latest and not so new) products that are here in Singapore.

In this issue

  1. Review of the Samsung Pixon phone
  2. The sleek and sexy PC that fits into your pocket!
  3. DRM-free music from Sony Playnow


Review of the Samsung Pixon phone

The Samsung Pixon is a 8.0mp camera phone which (to me) is a combination of the Samsung F480 and Samsung Innov8 phones which I’d reviewed previously.

Quick note about the Pixon… 8.0mp auto focus camera which gives sharp and nice colored photos, 3.2inch full touch screen that’s big enough for photos and videos viewing, 3G, has GPRS that works well with google maps during my trial, comes with bluetooth, radio, mp3 player and all the usual features.

The Samsung Pixon (aka M8800) is suitable for those who wants a good quality camera on a touchscreen phone. Samsung has got Nick Turpin to photograph his life with the Pixon and Nick has created fantastic photos with it. You can find the photos here. But if you’ve noticed, all of his shots were with good lighting or outdoor during the day. One thing that I would really like to see is for Samsung to integrate a better flash for their phones.

Camera function and screen on Pixon

Another nifty feature I like is the mirror with the use of the front camera. You can call out this feature from the widget bar.

This is useful for quick check if you’ve got something stuck on your teeth without having anyone suspect you’re checking yourself out. But this works only when you’re under good lighting. Like the one of myself below…

Few more shots of the Samsung Pixon phone and features…

Overall, I like the Pixon phone. But still loves my Innov8 more. Perhaps I’m just still not buying in the idea of a touchscreen phone yet. But my boyfriend loves the phone thou. After trying it out himself, he’s including it into his to-considering-getting phone. On his list includes iPhone, Blackberry Storm and Pixon. Hmmm… wonders if there’ll be chance to review the BB Storm. Any one has any idea if its coming to Singapore?

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The sleek and sexy PC – Vaio P

Alright, this next beauty is one that’s for the fashion cautious and has got spare cash to spend. The sleek and sexy Sony Vaio P. My first thought (before I saw the price) was, “Omg! I want to own this! It’s too beautiful! And it comes with a good sized keyboard!” But when I saw the price tag, my bubble was burst immediately. Price starting from SGD1299, you will get this sexy accessory which you can bring around and will never have to be ashamed to strut it out wherever you are.

Daniel from Tech65 has a very good description and thoughts of the Vaio P. Too good that I shall not add more to it. So please head over to Tech65’s blog for more ya? And here’s some shots of the real thing I snapped with my Innov8 at the launch.

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Sony launches DRM-free music on Playnow

Good news for all Sony Ericsson phone users! You can now buy DRM-free music from PlayNow kiosk available in Asia (including Singapore of course!). This is the world’s first of its kind content delivery service that lets mobile entertainment lovers download full-length movies and TV series, also available are games and thousands of DRM-free music tracks directly to your Sony Ericsson mobile phones!

Few things I noted during the demonstration at the launch which I though would be useful for you:

  • All SE phones can be connected to the kiosks.
  • Micro SD and M2 cardslots are available on the kiosk too.
  • DRM-free music can be downloaded and used on any other devices.
  • Videos and games can only be used on the phone with the key that’s being sent to the phone number entered during purchase and stored on the phone. (i.e. only that phone with the key can play the videos and games)
  • The transfer speed is very fast even for huge files.

These PlayNow kiosks can be found at the following locations:

  • Junction 8, #02-28
  • AMK Hub, #B2-16
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza, #01-53
  • Admiralty MRT station, #02-K8
  • Boon Lay MRT station, #01-29
  • Bukit Batok MRT station, #01-05
  • Paya Lebar MRT station, #01-04

The smartcard value starts from S$20 and individual music tracks cost $2.99, albums start from $19.99. Movies at $24.99, TV series at $2.99/episode and games from $5.00. Content mainly from the Sony network of companies.

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So that’s the end of my first CtG in 2009. There are much more CtG coming… I just need to find time to do it! So if you are willing to help, would love to have you onboard the CtG team! I’m driven purely by passion! So you’ve got to be passionate too! No money needed to join nor will there ever be money for your editorial work here thou. If you’re fine with that, contact me!