I’d said once twice before that I’m wanting this HP designer laptop!! But I’m going to say it again for the third (but surely not my last) time! I want this sexy Vivienne Tam hp mini!!

Thanks to the kind people at Intel, I’m able to hold it, play with it, use it, adore it, hug it, love it, flaunt it and even sleep with this hot babe! (For a week) And because I’m loving it so much, I thought why not spread some love around the people I meet too!

So here’s the thing, if you’re going to meet me anytime this week (till Tuesday), you’ll get to touch it, play with it, lick it, smell it and take a photo with it! If you’re going to be seeing this hot red babe, I’m going to take a photo of you with the red and you’ll join in the album of “Seeing red“! This is just something fun I want to do. It has got nothing to do with Intel, HP nor any agency.

Where you can find Claudia for the next few days…

  • Today (Thu): 7pm at the social media people meetup
  • Fri: Should be at office (Call me to check)
  • Sat: BarcampSG
  • Sun: Sorry its family and friends day
  • Mon: At office (Come visit me)
  • Tue: At office (Can come visit me also)

Hmm… wonder if Intel will allow me to hang on to it for another week so I can bring this red to BlogOUT too!

Here are some friends who’ve seen, felt and played with the red…




They’ve seen the red. Have you?

Oh! And yes! This post is created on the red too!!