This is what happens when one changes blog theme and forgets to put the analytic codes back where it should be!

And the forgetful-claudia in me had to do the theme change on the possibly highest-traffic-for-the-year day! I’m such a fool!

Anyway, since I’m on the topic of analytic, thought I should share my top content hits for the year so far, from Jan 1, 2009 to today.

  1. National Geographic Store in Singapore
  2. Almost an iPhone – Samsung F480
  3. Let’s Talk About Sex! (For females only!)
  4. CtG reviews the Lenovo S10 IdeaPad
  5. My 1st Speed Dating… On Singapore Flyer!
  6. A VERY familiar Tiger Beer Model Spotted!
  7. Great Year of the Ox for me!
  8. CtG Review – Samsung Innov8

Have you read any of the above posts before?

By the way, the above traffic are mostly from search engines. Is your blog optimised for search engines? One of the things you should do is to change/ check that your permalink is not some random numbers. Update that if you can. On wordpress, you can find this under settings > permalinks.