Right… this post is going to make all the men puke and perhaps many girls go gaga over. But than, I think some guys might be going gaga more than the girls. Yes! A couple of my guy friends told me prolong starring at Yongfook might turn a straight guy gay! Guys should beware of Yongfook as he might turn you gay, or he might turn your girlfriend away from you.

(Sidenote: Abang, don’t worry, you’re still the one I love. He’s only an idol lah!)

After years of idolising him on my macbook screen, I finally got to meet him in person! The feeling was like a 14-year old who worship that famous pop star who’s cute and perhaps can sing and dance pretty well. But this idol of mine is different. Yes, I’m sure he can sing pretty well too, but that’s beside the point. I’m making him an inspiration as he has got the brain, charisma, talent and charm. And I want to one day be able to not work (too much) and yet live life comfortably before I reach 30! He sold his project at age 28, I wonder if I can do that with mine too, by 29 perhaps.

Following my personal mantra of “good things must share“, let me try listing down 10 all most of the things I know about him:

  • he’s living in Tokyo (pic above is his home)
  • he has a younger sister who looks exactly like him
  • his mother is Singaporean Chinese
  • his dad is from England
  • he grew up somewhere in UK
  • he has been living in (this part of) Japan in 2002
  • he has been living in Tokyo since 2005
  • he used to teach kids in Japan
  • he’s a mac fan boi
  • he stands at 180m tall
  • he likes women who doesn’t read his blog
  • he cooks!!!
  • he indulges in good quality food
  • he’s a self taught programmer
  • he started opensourcefood.com
  • he sold opensourcefood.com
  • has a degree in accounting and finance
  • he’s a blogger of 10years!
  • he’s into design
  • he’s into movie soundtracks
  • he likes chicken rice, mee pok and hokkein mee
  • he plays games (Wii and Xbox360)
  • he trim his brows
  • he’s into photography and owns a Canon DSLR
  • he camwhores and videowhores at times
  • he chooses to be an attention whore
  • he’d came to Singapore thrice in 2006, 2007 and 2009
  • 6 words story: Two wine glasses. One is empty.
  • he’s considering planning moving to Singapore!
  • he’s leaving Singapore tonight and will hopefully be back in 4Q of 2009
  • he makes great poster boy for Singapore Entrepreneurial Success when he moves here
  • he’s also listed as one of the hottest male blogger

Hmm… ok, the list might just be a tiny portion of who he really is, but guess these are what I roughly get from meeting him in Singapore and stalking reading his blog.

Not sure if you get to meet him while he was in Singapore, but if you did, hope you’d managed to learn something out from him. I know I sure did.

On another note, I’ve to be very clear here. I admit I’m a big fan, and did go gaga about him when he first arrived. I’m sure Howie and Joy can relate the excitement and jokes we shared prior to catching the first glimpse of Yongfook in person at the airport. Surviving through two days of Blogout, with him within such close radius, without any heart attack was a miracle. And after all the gaga and what not, the excitement just kinda died… yes he’s still my idol, I still am very inspired by his work, but perhaps when I do see him again at the end of the year, I’m sure the feeling will be different. No more gaga-ing.

Till than, if you want to find out more about Yongfook, visit his blog. But if you’re hoping to one day have a chance to go on a date with him, DO NOT read his blog! At least that’s what he said at Open Room last night.

On a sidenote, a friend shared that she was in need for sex today as its the time of the month. I looked at her with mouth wide open in disbelieve that she’s actually sharing that out loud! She said, well, we’re all human and what’s wrong with having sex? I don’t know about you, but how open are you about talking sex (not in the dirty way)? I wonder if I can cut off by starting a sex education blog. LOL! Ok, that last sentence was meant to be a joke. Perhaps its due to too much reading of my idol’s blog. But if you’re really curious about sex, perhaps this is for you.