Claudia live blogs! She blogs on the go and her posts get to twitter almost instantly. How did she post those photos at events up online so quickly? Does she has some magic power?? Or did she has inbuilt computer and chips within her brain, eyes and fingers that auto processes whatever she sees, hears and touched into digital format and post it online automatically? How the hell did she do it?!

No! I’ve got no magic power nor potion and I’m 101% human. What I’m doing can easily be implemented into your blogging routine too. It just take a little effort of finding the right tools and ways to link them all up. And with RSS feeds, linking up isn’t that tough.

Let’s use BlogOut! 2009 as an example…

What I used?

  1. My Samsung Innov 8 mobile phone
  2. My Singtel SIM card with mobile broadband service
  3. My email account
  4. My posterous account
  5. My other blog
  6. Twitterfeed
  7. My twitter account

Throughout the two days at Blogout!, I posted photos live from the event to my other blog. I took photos with my mobile phone, attached the photo and sent an email to my posterous account where it auto post my update to my blogspot blog. With twitterfeed and the power of #tags, followers online during those two days were able to read updates on their tweets with photos accompanying what was happening during that time. This also resulted in an increase in the views over at my unknown and totally random blog (as seen on the graph on the right).

Example: I wanted to share the prizes we were giving away on Day 1 of blogout, so I took photos of the prizes and sent an email to posterous. It got posted to my other blog and got feed to my other twitter. And because I included the #tags in my email subject (aka the post title), followers of Blogout! on day 1 were able to see the post too if they’re following #blogout09 on the various #tag-following websites.

Its simple isn’t it? For me, I find Posterous useful and fits my needs. Till I discover another tool more powerful and easier than Posterous, I will stick to it. If you want to learn more about Posterous, I did share about it before in this post.

If you’re still unsure of the process of my method of live blogging and broadcasting, let me illustrate the process for you. This is what I always do…

Sometimes, instead of posting to my blogspot blog through posterous, I post direct to my flickr account too. If you’re asking why I choose to post at different places, well, I also don’t know the answer wor. When I feel that its necessary or good to share with my twitter followers, I’ll post on my blogspot (which I’d linked to my twitterfeed), and when I want to use different sizes of a photo I took, I’ll post it to flickr.

Now that you know how it can be done, are you going to try it out yourself? If you are keen to be part of a live blogging/ tweeting/ broadcasting team too, you can sign up at or follow @sgtweet for updates.