Its one of those post where I look back at the past… I seem to be doing quite a lot of flash back lately. Perhaps its my aging process… I’m old.

Had started following few of my old scrapping friends on twitter and facebook. And reading their blogs make me feel that I’d lost a part of me which I enjoyed and loved. And also missed very much. But this hobby is just too much a luxury for me to keep. Continuing it is just too much a burden for my weakening pocket.

But I still love looking at my past creations and revisit those moments of creativity and happiness.

I wonder when will I ever scrap again.

Perhaps on the day where I make it to the cover of some Fortune500 or startup magazines with big bold title “Top 10 Successful Female Entrepreneur“. Wohohohohohoho!!! *dreaming*

I’ve decided to do a little craft each week. And I’m going to send them out to you! My friends and readers! I’m serious! If you would like a hand crafted something from me, dm me your address in twitter or drop me an email at mail (at) claudia (dot) sg. I’ll try to send out one each week. Don’t worry, I won’t stalk you at your house or office. I won’t have the time! So if you trust me with your address, ping away!