It’s PC SHOW weekend! And I know how it feels to be squeezing in the crowd and itching to buy something home even when you’re not planning to. So today, I’m going to have a compiled release for Claud talks Gadgets aka Claud’s PC Show guide! I am going to tell you what I’d been using and itching to get and why you should look out for these gadgets too at PC Show 2009!

So what have I got in store for this issue of Claud talks Gadgets?

  • A cool MP3 player
  • Latest TVs
  • Get a second screen for your lappy!
  • A bad ass but very portable DSLR
  • Many phones!
  • And new macbook pro + iPhone 3GS

Let’s find out… keep scrolling after the fold.

Starting off is my second third ‘bestfriend’ that I cannot leave without, especially for long rides on public transport. It’s green, very portable, wireless, super sound quality and very long lasting gadget I’m going to talk about is my Sony W-series Walkman NWZ-W202 MP3 Player.

Ever since I collected mine from Sony Showroom, I cannot leave home without it. My previous MP3 player was a green creative stone which I got tired of charging and having to spin the yellowing earpiece wire around the tiny thing. Now with the Sony W-series Walkman, I do not have to worry about charging (not so often) nor distracting wires! Freedom to jog in the gym, freedom to board/ alight train and freedom to move without having a dangling wire! The battery life for this is amazing too! I can listen to it throughout 4-days of commuting and still there’s battery to last. I charge it like once a week only.


Next up is something I wish to own but can never afford to! (Cause I would buy a macbook pro if I have that sum of money. I can live without TV for a few months but I cannot live without my lappie even for a day!) So yes, its a super sexy and amazing TV! The Samsung LED TVs was launched not too long ago and I’ve had 4 good hours with 3 amazing LED TVs when they had their movie night.

The image quality is amazing! The 5 LED Tv displayed at Samsung flagship store at Vivo City will sure to capture anyone’s attention when you enter the store. The paintings come to live and will blow your mind away! LED TVs though expensive, it consumes lesser power than the normal LCD TVs and the Samsung LED TVs come pack with amazing features such as the content library where everyone in the family can enjoy some entertainment or transform the TV to a digital art piece when you have guests over for dinner.

If you don’t believe that these LED TVs is so damn good, go check them out at Samsung Vivo City lah!


Samsung Lapfit Wide LCD Monitor (LD190)

The recent WWDC made me regret not getting an extra display for myself! I wanted to catch the live updates on Gizmodo and join in a chat on tokbox. But can’t keep up to the happenings on my mini 13″ macbook screen! If I had an extra display than, I would have done all that! *sadness*

And than Samsung came along and offered a review unit of their latest Samsung lapfit wide screen LCD monitor! And I am a damn happy woman! I can see my work stuff in full screen mode, and have other happening updates going on in the extra display! Hope they’ll give a super duper discount to buy in this review unit after the testing period. I want to keep it!

If you are having the same problem as me, working on a lappy and needing more screen space, head on down to PC Show today, tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday! Bring along the coupon below… Get Samsung Lapfit LD190 at PC Show 2009 and get free Takashimaya vouchers! Just print out the below coupon and show it before payment. And if you bring a friend along to buy, you and your friend gets an extra $10 voucher! Shiokness lah!

What are you waiting for? *Promotion only available at PC Show hor!

More about the lapfit can be found at Lester’s blog and DK’s blog.


Done with the non-photographying gadgets, next few that’s coming up all have got photography linked to them. Yes! Claudia simply loves taking photos! My fingers have been happy snapping away during my recent trip to Bangkok with a light and another amazing devices!

Yes! Its the one that I would like to swap my Nikon D40 with! Its the Canon 500D DSLR. When I first held the prototype at the Canon blogger event, I knew I’ve got to give this a test drive! And I did! And I regretted doing it! Cause now I’ve got to save money to buy it! BUT!! When I finally got the money to, Canon’s going to release another better one!! The frustration of the fast paced technology advancement!

Some shots taken with Canon 500D. Click to view larger image.

More photos can be found here.


Samsung BeatDJ mobile phone

This phone is for those who loves mixing their own ringtones and blasting your favorite music out loud! The sound quality from the Samsung BeatDJ is amazing for a mobile phone. Powered by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower speakers, people around you might appreciate more when you start blasting in public. I strongly do not recommend you to do that though. Keep the blasting and showing off this cool phone among your peers when you’re at your private party or home.

Samsung BeatDJ phone is now available in the market.

More reviews of the Samsung BeatDJ phone can be found at:


Nokia N97

My new found love that I cannot leave home without! After surviving two days with it at ad:tech Singapore, I think I have found my iPhone replacement! It fits (almost) perfectly to my current lifestyle and needs, both for work and for play! I’ve got much to share about this nifty gadget. More detailed review will come soon!

Some shots taken with the Nokia N97. Click on photo for bigger view.


The LG Viewty Smart phone

I don’t know how I should put this phone. I’m using it more like a standby camera rather than a phone. Cause I’ve got too many phones now! Seven to be exact!

I’m not commenting much about the performance of the Viewty Smart as a phone since I’ve got few much better ones, but I have to comment that their camera is not bad. Capture speed wise not as fast as the Nokia N97 nor my Samsung Innov8, but the quality of it with low ISO setting is pretty good. Than there’s the “Beauty shot” and “Art Shot (cool)” which I dig! Just look at this shot of pretty molemole! Makes her even more pretty lah!

Some shots taken with the LG Viewty Smart phone. Click on photo for bigger view.

Nothing much I can say about this phone for now. But do watch for a review of it later in the month. You can find this at PC Show yet, launching only next week at CommunicAsia. Which I can’t make it! *sulks*. Will be out of town next week.


And finally! I want one of these two below to be my birthday present! *hint-hint* Yes! I want one of those “Most affordable lineup ever”!

Announced few nights ago on WWDC09, the new Macbook Pro and iPhone 3GS. I don’t think I need to say much about them lah! Google for more information! Or you can bing it! *coughs*


I hope I will have time to pop by PC Show over the weekend! Few friends and my dear cousins asked me to go with them to buy a new desktop, notebook and other stuff! How I wish I can say that too! I want my macbook pro!!! Happy shopping people!