OMG!! I tell you!! I want to scream and than quickly dig a huge hole in the ground and hide inside!! I feel guilty, silly, stupid and a total bimbo right now!

First I would like to thank Kahwee for his rescue and Uzyn for creating the backup host for me which than lead Kahwee to discover that it was the wordpress theme that causes all the problem! Quoting from Kahwee, “didn’t know a theme can be so powerful..” Yes! It was the typography theme that I adored so much that causes it!

Than I have to apologize to my web host – Top Hosting Centre. When my blog went down after the WordPress 2.8 upgrade, the immediate reaction was “WTH is happening to my host!!!??!!” Yap, that I’m sure is the first reaction of most people. This was hyped up even more since the host server was down two weeks ago when I was hosting the Search for N contest. Naturally I submitted a new ticket and demanded for them to get it fixed asap. But after 48hours, they couldn’t tell me what went wrong! Because the direction I thought the error was from was wrong! Its not because of the database crashing but its because of a critical conflict with the wordpress theme! Sooo sorry Sandra from THC for the big boo boo!

Now my blog is back, I feel alive again!! Woohooo!!!

Back to setting up my MBP! Yap! I got it!! More updates in my tweets! And also checked out the setting up qik I live-streamed just now.