I did this before for Nadnut and she really did fly to Australia and I won myself a set of Wii. But this time, I cannot make up my mind on who to rally for since all five contestants are people I know! So I’ve decided to dedicate a post here to help all of them get more votes (i hope) from you (my dear readers). There’s nothing for voters to win this time round, but I think each of these five bloggers have got their own list of things they would do for you to vote for them! So read on and find out about them and what this contest is about!

Listing them in no particular order…

Nadia aka Nadnut
Find out what she will do if she gets the highest number of votes here.

I think I know her the longest amongst the rest of the contestants. Nadia has been a great friend and we’ve got quite a lot of things in common. She’s like a little big sister to me always caring and offering tips in all shapes and sizes. She will bring in fun views and posts after her trip to Japan for sure.

Go vote for her!


Ivy aka Nanyate
Find out what she will do if she gets the highest number of votes here.

Ivy is a huge fan of Japan. Just look at her blog lah! If I’ve not remembered wrongly, she used to stay there for awhile. (Hmmm… am I right Ivy?) She’s also a very helpful lady. Whenever I’ve got problem with my phone connection or mobb, she’s the one I’ll go to! *coughs* And why you should vote for her? If you’ve got a blog and is in desperate need of a face lift, go vote for her! She’s offering to design a theme for a lucky supporter!

Go vote for her lah!


Eunice aka Euniqueflair
Find out what she will do if she gets the highest number of votes here.

I’ve been reading Eunice’s blog for awhile and finally got chance to meet her in person at the first Canon blogger gathering. First impression of her was that she’s very cute and quiet, quite unlike her twitter personal who’s always so active and sharing her life opening with her followers. She loves gaming and cosplay, and if she gets to win this trip to Japan, I’m sure she will have lots to share! (Hope she’ll have time to go shop for more cute cosplay outfits and wigs.) Go read her post on the things she will do if she wins. I’m sure you’ll get tempted to vote vote vote!

Go vote for her!


Pamela aka Honeymeow
Find out what she will do if she gets the highest number of votes here.

Pamela is the one that is always pushing me to go for dance classes with her. Thank goodness the UOB ladies card promo with Cali is over, I’ve got good excuse not to attend classes this year. If you’ve been reading her blog, you can see how much she has transformed from her old form to who she is today. Her hardwork and determination is one whom I respect and admire. And now with Soyjoy bars stuck in her diet, she should be losing more weights than before! For her determination to stay healthy and slim, I ask for you to vote for her so that she can take a break and enjoy herself in Japan.

Go vote for her!


Rayner aka Hisfoodblog
Find out what he will do if he gets the highest number of votes here. Hmm… unlike the girls, he has not indicated he will do anything for his voters except sharing about his trip on his blog!

This one ah! Haiz… I really don’t know how to write lah! This man, whom I first met while I was working with Yebber.com. He’s the one who likes to irritate the hell out of me and bug me with lots of his msn messages. He had also been avoiding the camera since the day I know him, saying that he would like to remain faceless so that when people see him at eating places, they wouldn’t recognise him as a food blogger lah. But than now, his face is everywhere! And I think he’s also on air with 938LIVE before talking about food! HFB ah HFB! Tell me why should I vote for you leh? Haiz…

But still, I do support lah. Cause you’re the only male in the contest. *Hurhur!*

So let’s not vote for him! Ermm… I mean let’s go vote for him a little lah.


All the best to the five contestants for Soyjoy Gi Challenge! May the best win!! Don’t forget about me if you win k? LOL!