It was my best birthday thus far. And the best part is, nothing was planned by me!

Due to work, I totally left out my usual birthday party gathering planning this year. No time nor energy to think about this as I do not want to grow up anymore! Time’s passing too quickly for me to catch up.

The story started a day before my Birthday. I don’t know many days in advance my dear Diana started the planning. If my memory is right, I was told about a team meeting (which I don’t recall arranging for) a week before. And than few days before the surprise, Diana told me to stay till 9pm on Thursday as she had to leave by 6pm and some bloggers will be coming late to collect stuff from our office that night. And that’s all planned and directed by her!

On the day of the surprise, she than SMS me in the morning – The maid just left. She say the fridge connector don know what spoil. so don use or open fridge until repair. repair coming later. So I was told not to go near the fridge as she’d planted my surprise in there!

The whole day passes with occasional giggling from her, she going in and out of the office and constant MSN chatting between Uzyn, Kahwee and her. I knew they are planning something, but I thought it’ll be for my actual day as we were planning to go for lunch at Science Centre at 11.30am! Yes, that’s what we planned. Of course, all part of Diana’s set-up!

At around 6.30pm, Diana entered the room and switched off all the lights. That’s when Abang entered with my birthday cake with lighted candles! And Diana gave me this beautiful bouquet of lilies and a present they got for me. All these surprises brought me tears lah! THANK YOU ALL VERY VERY THE MUCH!!! Really didn’t expect such big surprise and so many things arranged for me!! I cannot thank enough lah! This is my BEST birthday ever! Spending it with people (my hardworking team and Abang) that matters most in my life now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!


Ever since Diana bought her DSlite, she’d been telling me how much addicted she is to it and kept asking me to go buy one so that we can challenge one another in the games. Than she keep saying if I don’t buy, she will buy one for my birthday. Which I told her not to lah! Its so expensive can? But this woman very stubborn lah! She really went to buy a DSlite for me!! A white one somemore! Matching with my PSP and my N97! If I hadn’t changed my macbook, everything would have been white! Than I would have to get a white camera to match it. LOL!

I soooo want to squeeze this woman!!! I’m going to start planning for her birthday in October! I know I sure can control my giggles and make it an even more surprise surprise for her! Hurhur!

She even planned for dinner and a KTV session! Again she’d been asking me to join her at KTV for countless time! And that night, it happened! All thanks again to Diana and Uzyn’s suggestion. And you know what? Diana, Uzyn and Kahwee all can sing one wor! Diana’s the sweet sweet singer, Uzyn the rock and country type and Kahwee don’t know what songs to choose so we had agar-agar what he knows and choose for him. We had lots of fun singing, screaming, dancing and laughing together that night! Next time, when our team grow, we can book the bigger room and party all night long!

The night ended at 12am sharp, where they sang the birthday song. Will upload a video compilation of the happenings from that night soon.

The celebration didn’t end that night. On my actualy day, July 3, it was time alone with Abang. Its a simple but heartwarming day. It made me fun in love with him again. Its the little things and actions that made my heart all warm and fuzzy.

We visited Marina Barrage for the first time and I think we will be going back there pretty often as long as they keep the parking free! LOL! I didn’t know the place is so nice and windy! There were many families and group of friends having picnic, flying kites and also there were few others celebrating their birthday too. Marina Barrage is a good place to hang out after a day at work and just lay on the grass and stare into the sky. Lovely place to chill and take photos too! I want to go back there again soon!

After Marina Barrage, Abang brought me up to Mt Faber for dinner. He’d wanted to take me for a cable car ride before that, but I chickened out. Another reason also because I don’t see the need to spend the extra $40 for a ride to see the skyline of Singapore lah. I would rather spend it on a nice dinner. Which we did.

Dinner was at Moonstone @ The Jewel Box. Another nice find for that night! Quiet and windy place with nice view of the harbour and cable cars. The food was pretty good too. Love the seafood pizza (can’t recall the name) and the jewel box fruit salad. Price will not break any arms nor legs, and quality is there. Surely a choice place to go for chilling out with friends. But if there’s no one driving, this is a no-go for me.

Spending quiet night like this with Abang is a rare occasion. It just made it even more precious and treasured. I don’t need no fancy gifts nor flowers. I don’t need no diamond rings nor candle light dinner. Just simple pleasure and quiet times like this with you, I am contented. Thank you Abang! Love you very much!

On Saturday night (last night) was a gathering with my girlfriends at my place. Our usual games of mahjong with light snacks to munch. They had an adventure with a flasher that night when they were getting their car from the carpark opposite my block. And now I am paranoid! Hope the police catch this flasher soon! For now, I am going to stay alert whenever I’m coming home late at night, and make sure I have my camera phone with flash ready to capture his face if he ever flashes at me!

In a few hours time, I will be having steamboat and papa-cooked-crab at home with my family. We are celebrating my belated birthday and my mum’s too which is just a week after mine. Going to help them out in the kitchen now. Today’s quality time with my family. And tomorrow’s the start of our one week setting up of 24seven’s new office week! Am very excited about this! Finally a place all to ourselves! More updates on this when we are ready over at 24seven’s blog.

And that’s how I spent (am spending) my birthday weekend.