I’m soooo not into the party scenes nor DJ who’s who. But after F1 Rocks, I think I’m a convert! I <3 DJ Havana Brown! Didn’t know she’s the one that mixes all the hot hot R&B songs! I’m a fan! Woohoo!!

If you’re scratching your head wondering who this hot babe DJ is, check out these shots I’ve got from F1 Rocks!

Because of this concert, I dashed to get a new camera lah! Siao bo?! The 10x zoom sure helped a lot! The photos turned out great! So much better than I’d expected! But cannot say the camera is perfect though, will do a review of it soon! Ok, I digress… prepare your eyes for lots of DJ Havana Brown!!!

All photos unedited. Cos I too tired and lazy to. :S

DJ Havana Brown at F1 Rocks
DJ Havana Brown at F1 Rocks

The R&B DJ from Australia
The R&B DJ from Australia

Recording vidz of the crowd on her mobile HD cam

And this was what she got on her cam… the roaring crowd!

Sizzling hot DJ right?
When have you seen a DJ wear like that? HOT!
This is my favorite shot of her.
This is not bad too!

So how? Hot or not? Don’t drool leh! I know she’s too hot to handle! See photo also nose can bleed loh! Imagine the guys standing nearest to the stage just now, steam lah!