I may have missed the chance to meet Tord Boontje, the designer of this amazingly beautiful HP Mini, but I sure am not missing out on the usability and portability of this HP designer netbook.

The HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje is the result of HP’s latest collaboration with world-renowned Dutch industrial designer, Tord Boontje. Inspired by ‘harmony in nature’, the limited edition HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje breaks new ground with the industry’s first three-dimensional (3D) PC surface technology – HP Imprint 3D. This technology brings a unique depth and effect to Boontje’s pattern of flora and endangered animals that unravels onto the palm rest and touchpad of the notebook.

As compared to the previous HP Mini by Vivienne Tam, which I got a chance to review, this is even better! I love the intrigue design and the 3D surface, otherwise known as HP Imprint 3D.

After my experience with my previous white macbook, I am quite afraid of using another white notebook. But this is just too tempting to resists. Thanks to the invitation to the HP regional launch held some time back at Sentosa, and thanks to Daniel Tsou, I get to add this sleek netbook to the collection at work.

The HP Mini is a good companion for our lady team mates to bring around for presentation and meetings. The VGA slot makes this HP Mini not so mini with secondary screen or a projector. I can visualize myself pitching to clients with this.

This HP Mini also comes with the HP Instant Web feature. Don’t need to wait for the slow Windows XP (mine’s on XP, the ones in market come with Windows 7) to boot up. Check your email, access to IM, the web, your favorite photos and music right from the Instant Web startup. And what I love about this, is the instant startup the moment I switched on the Mini. Great for on the on surfing and email checking.

Now my fingers have gotten quite used to the keyboard on the Mini. Yes, I’m typing this on the HP Mini! Don’t envy me. Hurhur!

Don’t you just love this elegant HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje? :P

Meet me and I’ll show you! It’s beautiful!