One thing I love about keeping a blog is being able to look back at what I’ve done in the past and smile at those beautiful memories. Before we move forward to a smashing good year in 2010, I’m going to do a flash back of what happened in 2009, a very short and quick one.

January 2009

My best experience that month is 101% the opportunity to go out to sea on the Puma V070. If I have a chance, I would love to do it again!

Then there’s the visit to the last kampong in Singapore where I snap quite a lot of pretty photos.

February 2009

This was the month where my face was featured on the cover of ST with only a small part of mentions in the Prime News section.

That month, I also started a new column on my blog to record my experience as my own boss called “Claud the Panda Entrepreneur.

March 2009

Oh March! What a month that was! The hard work and sweat put into BlogOut09 was well worth it. Got the chance to finally meet Jon in person and got to know more about Joel Postman too.

April 2009

In April, I got back to using a mouse, bitten by vampires, caught my favorite movie in 2009 and organised Tweet Tuesday with Kelvin.

May 2009

May was quite a crazy month. I had one of the highest traffic hit on my blog thanks to Search for N contest with Nokia. Also attended my first WebSG meetup and met Lucian.

And I did an impromptu decision to fly to Bangkok with Diana for Barcamp! Still can’t believe I did that! But it was great experience! Seeing how Barcamp is ran in BKK was an eyeopener, and the shopping and massages with Diana were ermm… unforgettable!

That month, I was also featured in zbNow with Pat and Howie.

June 2009

Highlights for this month was my trip with Abang to Bandung and getting the role of “official storyteller” for N.E.mation 4! It was an amazing journey with the students and people behind N.E.mation. Will share more when it comes to an end in February 2010.

July 2009

My bird-day month!! This year I had two celebrations, both with people that matters to me. Thank you for the memories!

That was also when I stayed 24-hr inside the display windows at Tangs! I thinks this is the crazies thing I did in 2009!

August 2009

Moved into our cosy office for 24seven, marking a new milestone for all of us at 24seven. Then I adopted my cat (finally!) Yuniko from SPCA.

And I also enjoyed a great NDP birthday bash, watched my favorite animation for the year and visited the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Covention.

September 2009

Three great experiences in September! I’m marking this the most happening month for me, my team and 24seven!

First I got a chance to have a romantic dinner with Abang in the sky. Then I got to party at F1 Rocks with Black Eyed Peas and DJ Havana Brown.

And I finally got to check out SGP live! Though not the final race day, but getting to see the F1 cars up close was WOW!

Oh! And that month, I was also mentioned on The Business Times (Weekend).

October 2009

The Ah Lian in me got released one night in October. Thanks to Puma!

November 2009

November is Yasmin month! Though we may not get to see her on the actual day, but we’ll surely not miss celebrating it with her. And that month, I finally got to give Standing Sushi a try, and yes they’re good!

December 2009

December’s highlight ah? Hmm… due to the many events, there are many things which I’ve still yet find time to blog! What I’ve got so far is my second World Aids Day event

Other’s to remember will be my trip to Bangkok with family and friends and the amazing Year End Blogger Hat-py Party which just ended last night. Posts coming up soon.

It’s NYE! Go have a blast everyone and I’ll see all of you again next year!

2010 will be THE year for many of us (including me)! Can’t wait to see what the year of Tiger brings to me. Have a great party tonight people!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Let’s welcome 2010 with wide open arms and embrace whatever it may bring!

(This post is not that short after all! :P )