Hokay… first I’ve to announce that I’m NOT turning alcoholic! And no I’m not turning into the beer-woman you see at coffee shops!!! But I just have got to share this amazing kit that came through the door today. YES! T.G.I.M!

Heineken crew will be handing out Heineken Monday Survival Kits every Monday from 26 April to 31 May. Inside, you’ll get everything you need to get you through the worst day of the week – a stress bottle (I love this!), an eye-rester and best of all, a bottle of Heineken!

To get a Survival Kit, just tell Heineken in 25 words or less why your workplace needs cheering up. If you or your workmates get picked, they will send a set to your office next Monday afternoon!

See what’s in this kit here. Go get one of the Monday Survival Kit now!

While you’re at that, try out the “What’s Your Monday Face?” application too! You can do something like this…

Sorry D, your profile pic was the most suitable for this lah! :P

P.S. Remember to Drink Responsibly!!