Spotted inside my Kominabe

And I thought I won a special prize or something! Looks cute right?

And can you guess what’s inside this golden bag or pouch or whatever you call it.

The nice assistant manager at Sakae (Heartland Mall) walked past while I stared at this golden bag with a puzzled face, so she clarified that it contains edible stuffing and it was … … mochi!

Yes, the sticky glutinous rice cake thinggy is stuffed in tau pok skin and cooked together with the soup. Not quite to my liking eating mochi like that. Prefers the sweet version. Had to top it with some teriyaki sauce from my other dish to add flavor to it. But still an interesting discovery lah! *lol*

Seafood Kimuchi Binbinba Don, $10.99

This I saw in the menu many times, but always after I’d ordered my main course. And finally this time I remembered to order it as my main. I’m a fan of burnt rice, and seeing that they use a stone bowl to serve, I presume it’s going to be like the usual stone bowl rice with burnt grains awaiting while I mixed the rice up.

When my order arrived, I was excited as it was covered with good portion of seafood and it looked promising. So in I dig to find my burnt rice….

I dig and dig and eat and eat… but I couldn’t go on. My faith in this bowl of rice died. There is not a single grain of burnt rice! Sadness.

I wished Sakae had cooked the rice in the stone bowl instead of scoping and putting cooked rice in there. Wonder if its the same at all outlets. I shall check next time at another outlet before I order.

Though my main was disappointing, but the usual dishes I order every time I’m there made up to the meal. Guess the adventurous me shouldn’t be that adventurous afterall. One of the reason why I always order the safe dished (i.e. those I’d tried and tested before).

This meal is partially paid with my Sakae VIP card, thanks to Sakae Sushi e-Journalists program.