On 29 April, Diana and I took a day off and soaked ourselves wet (Yes! Wet!!) at the most exciting attractions to date in Singapore. We captured fun memories at Universal Studio Singapore with Canon digital cameras. Thanks to Canon of course!

Castle Far Far Away

On adventures like such, you wouldn’t want to carry big bulky DSLR with you right? So we were given the challenge to try out Canon latest cameras and the oh-so-fun new shooting modes! Personally I had more fun playing with these shooting modes than the rides at USS! (I’m serious!)

So what are the fun and new shooting modes I used? Check these photos out and you’ll be able to guess! Okay, no need to guess, its tag below the photos!

Fish-eye (Low) on Castle Far Far Away
Fish-eye (Med) on Castle Far Far Away
Fish-eye (High) on Castle Far Far Away

Can you see the differences in the above three photos taken with the new mode, Fish-eye Effect? On the latest Canon cameras, you’ll be able to capture such shots easily and you get to decide how much “fishy” of your photo by setting the intensity of the effect.

Next, this is one of my favorite! This one can get a little tricky, but if you have the right scene waiting for you to capture, its real cool! You see the photos first and I’ll tell you more after…

Do these look like miniature buildings to you?
And this! Looks like a model placable in your living room!

Cool right? I love it! This is the Miniature effect, new in the latest Canon digital cameras! This ultra cool effect is done by gradually blurring the top and bottom to emphasize perspective so as to make the main object in your shot stand out. Sounds complex right? But thanks to Canon technology, this is made possible with just press and turn of the button/dial! It works in both landscape and portrait mode. And you get to set how wide you want the emphasize area to be! So fun can! Abang saw my shots and he’s loving it! Hoho!! New camera to play soon? Hmm…

So these two fun features above are the latest shooting modes available on the Canon PowerShot SX210 IS (the one I used), Canon IXUS 130 and Canon IXUS 210.

Besides testing these two new shooting mode, we revisited some of the existing ones too! Not my first time playing with it, but I’ve to admit, having owned quite a number of Canon digital cameras before, these modes were rarely used. But then, after that day at USS with Diana, I found a new and fun way for them!

Let me show you some magic!

This is us in our bright blue and green top that day…

Me and Babe Molemole!

I got tired of wearing my green t-shirt that day, so I decided to turn it blue like Molemole’s!

Ohhh… magic!! LOL!

And then, there’s this super cute yellow taxi along Hollywood so I decided to turn my t-shirt color to yellow too!

Waaaaa!! So cool right! It’s magic! LOL!

Hang on… I don’t like the yellow on me! Still prefers my original green! So let’s turn the taxi green! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Yeah! Matching me and Taxi!

So fun right? LOL! With the Color Swap shooting mode, you can change most of the things around you to whatever color you wish! An idea came to mind that day, the next time I bring out my Canon camera, I’m going to bring along a color wheel too! Wahahahahaha! Then I can change almost everything to whatever color I want! Without touching Photoshop!

Lastly, this one is great for “emo” shots imo.

This is done with the Color Accent mode. You pick a color from an object in the shot, and when you capture the shot, all the other non-choosen color will turn to grey tone while the picked color will be shown. You’ll often see this kind of photos in wedding albums right? Where the ring lah, roses lah or red packets are highlighted. Now you can shoot like a pro too!

Alright, so you can take very fun and cool and pro-like photos with these cameras, what about HD videos? I shall let this short montage I created speak for itself… *coughs*

Watch HD version at WaterWorld with Canon PowerShot SX210 IS from claudia on Vimeo. CORRECTION! This video is shot on the SX 210 IS! The titles in the video has got major typo! It’ll take another 2 hours for the video to be rendered and uploaded and processed. So… :(

We had so much fun shooting with the Canon PowerShot SX210 IS and Canon Digital IXUS 130, Diana and I only managed to get onto three rides. All the rest were boring to us. LOL! So my take on USS? Don’t go now! Wait till all the rides are operational first! Else you’ll be wasting your money on that very expensive piece of paper (the entrance ticket lah!).

Ending this post off with more photos from that day…

So many warnings yet we took the ride!
Diana at start of ride (shot taken at risk of camera falling into water!)
Diana at end of ride – *soaked* LOL!
Turning the Mummy castle blue!
Fish-eye on Canon PowerShot SX210 IS with the IXUS 130
Rounder Noel! (LOL!) aka August Man A-Listers

That’s all folk! If you like these cool features, go check out the latest range of Canon cameras yio!