I know Diana hates it and never will ever touch one. I personally have a love-hate for mussels, but I’ve had too much of it the past 3 days. First was at Vivo City and the next at Parkway Parade two days later. I shall not go into details why mussels to some are like sex, I’ll keep that to your own imagination. *coughs*

Do these remind you of sex?

Its my second visit to The Mussel Guys at Vivo City, and of course, the mussels were the highlight of the dinner. The other items we ordered were sadly not to our liking. The reason why we walked into The Mussel Guys was that it had no queue. You know how crazy queues get around Vivo City during dinner time! Despite the average crowd, service was pretty slow. When more tables filled up over the hour or so while we were there, service went from bad to literally, none.

Dinner started with soup-of-the-day, cream of mushroom, part of pasta Set Dinner.

These fries ($4.50) were crunchy and best eaten immediately when served. And that’s just what we did!

Our initial plan was to have sauteed mushroom at Marche, but turned around when we saw the long queue. So we decided to give the mushrooms here a try.

Comments? Well, hasn’t the photo tells it all? Sauteed mushroom, $4.50.

The black pot of mussels we ordered that day was the Creamy Mussels, $19.90.

Can’t recall the exact ingredients used inside this pot, but the creamy sauce was zesty and tasty enough for me. There was mixed of wine and lemon sauce I think. I cleared the entire pot and almost tempted to lick it clean. Mmmm…. perhaps that’s another reason why some people relate mussels with sex! Will order big pot for this when I return again!

There was a promotion going on that day, I think its free 200g of mussels with every black pot purchased. Our choice was the spicy mussels, FREE! – No, not cause I declared I’m a food blogger, cos I’m NOT! I just happen to write about food on my blog. Okay, enough of lame joke… not funny at all! Here’s the 200g of spicy mussels

Tastes slightly more towards the medium-super spiciness. I’m big big fan of spicy food, but for mussels at The Mussel Guys, I’ll stick to the Creamy ones above.

The other main I ordered was the Aglio Olio, $15.90. This came with soup-of-the-day and dessert-of-the-day.

Sadly, I’ve got nothing good to say about this. Just look at the photo ok?

Being my second visit to The Mussel Guys, both visits due to the long queue elsewhere, seem to have proven something ya? Easily forgotten place to dine around Vivo City. They’ve got to improve on their service and food if they ever want to see a queue outside like the rest of the neighboring restaurants.

The Mussel Guys Seafood and Steak Restaurant
1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-123 VivoCity
Singapore 098585
Tel : (+65) 68201800
Fax : (+65) 68201805