Its one of the rare rare rare occasion where you find me dining at such posh place. I had to triple confirm the location to make sure I don’t mixed it up with The Fullerton Hotel.

A relaxing sanctuary along the bay, Clifford embodies true waterfront dining with a chic French American brasserie inspiration. Illuminated by 10-metre high floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sparkling waters of the bay, guests are greeted by an opulent 800-bottle fine wine library meticulously handpicked from all over the world to accompany your waterfront dining experience.

The sound of the place already got me thinking how much the meal would cost. But it was a lunch date I cannot miss. Have not met this group of friends for more than 2 years? Though not everyone could make it that day, it was still great catching up! And not forgetting the pressure and stress they’d imparted in me! Wedding plans, selecting and queueing for house, the pain and how to fight all the way to milk as much as possible for the wedding banquet and at the bridal shop. Thanks ah!

Stepping into the hotel lobby already took my breathe away! I can’t remember when was the last time I stepped into such exquisite and posh looking hotel here in Singapore. NEVER I think. The high ceiling and luxurious furnitures and decor makes my Threadless Tee, Uniqlo Tights and Muji Bag look like a joke can! But *coughs* I wasn’t alone. If I’d the chance to, I would love to experience living there for a weekend staycation just to feel high-class for once. *coughs*

I got carried away! I haven’t started talking about the food! Guess the hotel made a bigger impact on me than the food I had for lunch!

Waterfront dining with view of the historic remain of the preserved Clifford Pier. Okay! This photo does no justice to the sight I had that afternoon! Bad control of lighting, my bad.

Roasted cod fish, saffron-chorizo risotto, parmesan emulsion, $36

I am a sinner tasting this. For more than 7 years, I’d avoided and left the meat untouched. With the lack of knowledge in the language, I failed to learn that chorizo is actually made from several types of pork sausages! Removed every single bits (even the slightest hairline of it) from the risotto. (Sorry Abang, I really didn’t know!)

If you do not have such problem like me, please go try this. It’s good.

The two items I would 100% order again if I return for another visit will be these…

Truffle French Fries, $9

Yes! I will pay $9 for this small serving of awesome fries! No! Not just any ordinary frech fries. Its filled with truffle goodness, and its the real stuff not just some truffle oil. These fries were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. These fries are to be savored slowly and please do not rush to finish them. The awesomeness stays the same even eaten after saving it till after the mains.

Dessert sample (for two), $28

Not sure which of the desserts to try, we checked what the sample consists of, and we gladly ordered two servings of the dessert sample since it’s of every one of their desserts! And its oh-so-divine! Great way to end the meal.

Starting from the most identifiable, we have the “Dark chocolate fondant”, “Passion fruit rum baba, mango tartar, yogurt sorbet”, “Sugar crusted profiteroles, hot chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream”, “Creme brulee” and “Lemon tart, raspberry gel”. Each has its own goodness and we almost did the “ohhh-stand-turn-and-turn-and-turn-around” dance each time we tasted the dessert samples. My favorites were the Dark chocolate fondant, Sugar crusted profiteroles and creme brulee. I’m salivating just writing about it now!

If you’re feeling happy and in need to splurge and indulge in some yummy goodness, you can give Clifford a try. Great place for a afternoon tea with good friends or just a good book. I can so picture myself doing something like this when I retire. *chuckles*

The Fullerton Bay Hotel
80 Collyer Quay
Tel: 6597 5288