For couple months now, Sakae Sushi has been rolling out special dishes monthly, and this month (Sep), I tried some and here’s my verdict.

Saba Curry Yaki, $7.99

This I like. Crispy skin with just-the-right amount of curry flavoring and the inside was just nice. Not too dry nor moist. Worth a try.

Venison with Kimuchi, $12.99

This I didn’t like. The moment it was served on my table, I immediately regretted ordering it. The venison was sliced too thickly and overcooked. Had jaw exercise chewing it. Seems like the kimuchi was cooked for too long too. Taste was gone and there’s no more crunch.

Have given feedback to the nice manager from Sakae and she did say they’ll improve on it. I tried these in the first week of September, when they just started selling the new dishes, so I hope they’ve improved it.

This post is partly sponsored by Sakae as I’d used my Sakae Card (as part of their Blogger program) to pay for partial of my meal.