I might ditch digital and go film for good! That’s in my next life perhaps! But I’m so in love with the anticipation of waiting for rolls of films to be developed after year of shoot. I’m slow and lazy like that. 4 rolls of film I took a year to complete. Zzzzz…

My recent purchased of the Gakkenflex got the handy-claudia happy.

Assembled the twin flex camera on my own, and my first roll of film was… hideous! 36 shots turned 19 shots with 1 wasted shot between 2. You see, I wind the film too much lah!

The other thing I need to do soon is to find a string or lanyard for my Gakkenflex. All my shots are done handheld and it came out looking handheld! *shakes* I also need to learn how to look into the viewfinder better so I can tell between the focused and unfocused part. Hope to get a better roll with my Gakkenflex soon! B/W perhaps?

Double exposed and blurred.

Need to shoot more! Perhaps with Gakkenflex #2, the first one got broken parts lah! Screwed too hard into it. :P