On Monday, 3.14, I attended my first “public appearance” for 2011 at TANGS Orchard. The memories from Blogathon flashed back when I stepped onto stage. Almost felt there’s something about me and TANGS that got me back again. Perhaps its a sign? Hmm…

This time, I was invited by Shiseido to share about my whitening journey with White Lucent with guests at White Day 3.14.

From now till 20 March (Sun) at TANGS Orchard
Receive a Business Class Set with every $160 nett spent. Two sets for you to pick, the White Lucent Set or the Revital White Set.

PLUS! You’ll receive an exclusive White Day Limited Edition Chocolavion treat from Shiseido Parlour in Japan when you top-up your spending to $180 nett. This is available in limited quantities!

Many ladies were spotted with big bags of Shiseido goodness at the event. Well, I was caught in the act too! Thought I could quietly sneak to buy my stuff without being noticed! Ha!

And here’s my loot from White Day 3.14!

Been very very long ago since I spent so much on skin care products, but having used the trial gift set from Shiseido, I just have to continue using it! Seeing the improvement in my complexion is proof that it works.

At the event, I was asked about my experience with White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum. My reply?

It gives me fairer and clearer skin. I wake up every morning seeing a fairer me in the mirror and it seems translucent. I love it!

Being White doesn’t mean just having fairer skin, what I hope to achieve is better, smoother complexion that glows.

The lazy me hates the applying and cleansing after make-up. I hope after using White Lucent over a period, I’ll be able to step into a formal setting with little or no make-up! Ok that’s a little over, but one can hope right?

I will continue on my Whitening Journey with Shiseido. Let me know if you see improvement in my complexion when you meet me ok?

Ending this (IMO, non-coherent) post with couple more photos from White Day 3.14.

With fellow bloggers on the Whitening Journey – Holly Jean, Mag, X-wen and Ms Glitzy.

Joanne Peh presenting the Whitening pledge to manager of Shiseido.