Who doesn’t? If money can drop from the sky I’ll buy the new Polo GTI and will never have to change the bus to the train then to the bus again just to get to office.

Heard the shoutout over 987fm the other night and the sound of the new Polo GTI kinda puzzled me. How can an engine sound so funky? Or you mean speed’s got a new beat? Then I realised its actually beat-boxer Dharni behind it. Impressive beat-boxing can? He’s also the beats behind the game at http://PoloGTI.sg. I tried it and boy its impossible to score in the game! My fingers were all entangled by end of my first try.

Video above was captured while playing my 13th game and still I suck at it! But it was quite a challenge. Kris and Derek were caught trying it out too when I told them about it at the office.

Would love to give the new Polo GTI a try at Volkswagen Centre Singapore! You can book a test drive too through http://PoloGTI.sg. If you think the short drive isn’t going to satisfy you, then go try beat the high score at the game and you’ll get to zoom in the new Polo GTI over a weekend! How cool!

Now, I’m going back to trying out the game… my current score at highest is 70,000 beats, got to beat the 500k++ beats wor! Got till 8 May to do it! Wish me luck!

“P…O… L… O… G… T… I…” :P