Its been 3 weeks since we moved to our new studio at Joo Chiat Road.

And yes, we are now known as Dice Studio! That’s our signboard at our entrance. Nice?

Before we moved here, we were excited about the vast variety of food outlets around and the options we will have. Alas, when we finally settled and started going lunch daily, we realised options though plenty, it just isn’t as economy as compared to when we were at Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre. All of us miss Jia Yi Curry Fish Head stall very much. So grass isn’t always brighter nor greener on the other side. Ok, I talking cock liao.

So what have I been eating at Joo Chiat so far? Keeping a food diary on Facebook to help me keep track, and here I’ll share some of my hits and misses.

Makan @ Joo Chiat Part Uno

Thunder Tea Rice
at 328 Joo Chiat Road

This is my never go wrong meal. $4.50 and its wholesome, healthy and 101% filling. Love how every bite is crunchy and tasteful.

Don & Grill Bistro
at 348 Joo Chiat Road

I ate at Don & Grill for three times already within three weeks. Guess its one of my favorite place and standard lunch place if it was cheaper. My choice here? The teriyaki chicken bento. Looks good right?

5 Star Hainanese Chicken Rice
at 191 East Coast Road

I love Chicken Rice and will not miss eating it if its available where I’m dining. This is rather sad. Yes, its less oily but the taste and the chili just didn’t feel right. Should have walked few more steps down to Boon Tong Kee.

at 99 East Coast Road

Walked passed this place and decided to give it a try. It was dinner time and the place was packed with young and old. Serving of the food looks good but the taste was so-so only.

If you’re around Joo Chiat, give me a ring we can meet for Teh Terik. :)