Yes! That’s what we did last weekend. It’s like that when I can’t travel on boat nor plane during this period. So we imagined we were in Hong Kong and went around shop, eat, shop, eat around Marina and Suntec! It was actually quite fun and we did buy lots of stuff can? Imagine 3 days of shopping!

I’m 50% recharged from this and already started working on my dying MBP in bed the moment I got home. Very unhealthy for me, but its like that lah. I’m a hazardous worker.

More on the getaway when I’ve time to get the photos out from my Canon S95. Do have some not so good review about the hotel we stayed at. :(

In short:

  1. I loveeeee swimming in mineral pool! I want one in our house can?
  2. Lion King rocks!!
  3. PC Show at Suntec was crazy as usual! Better human traffic control though. Good job!
  4. Didn’t get to eat buffet at Melt nor AquaMarine cos I can’t eat as much as I used to.
  5. I want to do more of these short getaway, even if its in Singapore!